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Application: waste gas treatment in activated carbon plant, chemicals and other fields.

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A spray tower, also known as a wet scrubber or wet dust collector, is an important activated carbon making machine used in activated carbon plants. The spray tower uses water to come into contact with dusty gas. Through washing, it separates the dust from the gas.

AGICO cement can customize various models and specifications of spray towers, our spray tower can be widely applied in activated carbon plants, chemical industry, printing, environmental protection, and other industries.

spray tower case

The spray tower consists of components such as the tower body, spray device, demisting device, and inspection port.

spray tower structures

Working principle of spray tower

The described system is a two-phase countercurrent flow packed tower absorption system for acid scrubbing. The waste gas enters the acid scrubbing tower from the lower inlet and flows tangentially into the tower. With the power of a ventilation fan, the gas quickly fills the inlet section and then evenly rises to the first layer of the packing section.

On the surface of the packing, chemical reactions occur between acidic (or alkaline) substances in the gas phase and alkaline (or acidic) substances in the liquid phase. Reaction products (mostly soluble acids or alkalis) flow into the lower liquid storage tank with the absorbing liquid. The incompletely absorbed acidic (or alkaline) gas continues to rise into the second layer of the spraying section.

Working principle of spray tower

In the spraying section, the absorbing liquid is sprayed out at high speed from uniformly distributed nozzles, forming countless small droplets that mix and contact with the gas thoroughly. The gas undergoes further chemical reactions. Then, the acid (or alkaline) gas rises to the second layer of the packing section and spraying section to undergo a similar absorption process as the first layer. The nozzle density and spraying pressure in the second layer are different, leading to a different range of acidic (or alkaline) gas concentration absorption.

The contact process between the gas and liquid in the spraying and packing sections involves heat and mass transfer. Controlling the gas flow rate and residence time ensures sufficient and stable absorption. The upper part of the acid scrubbing tower is the demisting section, where the liquid droplets carried by the gas are removed. After treatment, clean air is discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe at the top of the acid scrubbing tower.

activated carbon solution supplier – AGICO CEMENT

Except for the spray tower, we can supply rotary kilns for activated carbon, trommel screens, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, baghouse dust collectors, and other activated carbon equipment required in the activated carbon production line.

  • Rotary kilns for carbonization, activation, and reactivation;
  • Crushing equipment: jaw crusher, impact crusher, etc;
  • Screening equipment: rotary drum screener, linear vibrating screener, etc;
  • Dust removal equipment: baghouse dust collector, spray tower, cyclone dust collector, esp dust collector;
  • Conveying equipment: belt conveyor, bucket elevator, etc.

As a professional activated carbon solution provider, we can offer one-stop services including design, installation, activated carbon equipment supply, spare parts supply, technical support, personnel training, after-sale service, etc. Our products have been exported to many countries and regions, such as Malaysia, India, Canada, Russia, South America, etc.

our factory
spray tower factory
  • The spray tower has a small footprint, convenient maintenance, and low operating costs.
  • It has high purification efficiency and can meet different conditions of gas usage environments.
  • It is corrosion-resistant and can withstand weathering.
  • The performance is stable, and the purification efficiency is high.
  • It is lightweight, making it easy to install, transport, and manage for maintenance.
  • It is particularly suitable for water-soluble dust-containing gases.
  • The internal spraying is uniform, providing a large gas-liquid contact area, and so on.
  • The equipment has low operating resistance, and its operational status can be timely monitored through instruments.

Successful cases of spray tower

Specification of spray tower

NameSpray tower
air volume20000
Air speedCustomize
Functionwaste gas treatment
Treatment concentration95%
Ignition temperature0-80℃
ApplicationChemical, environmental protection, electroplating, etc

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