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Kiln Refractory Bricks

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MATERIAL: calcined bauxite, clay, calcined magnesia, and other materials.

CUSTOMIZATION: by drawings

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Kiln refractory brick, also known as kiln fire bricks, is one kiln of rotary kiln lining. Rotary kiln has a wide range of applications, different materials require different temperatures between 1000℃-2000℃.

Our refractory bricks can be widely used in various types of rotary kilns, especially industrial rotary kilns, and cement rotary kilns. In addition, our firebricks are also used in rotary kilns for aluminum, copper, zinc, tin, nickel, tungsten, chromium, and other metals. also apply for the rotary kiln used in calcined lime and calcined magnesia, magnesia spinel, bauxite, hard clay, rare earth, ceramide, incineration waste, and other calcined materials.

high alumina brick
high alumina brick
clay refractory brick
clay refractory brick
corundum mullite brick
corundum mullite brick
magnesite chrome brick
magnesite chrome brick
Guimo brick
High alumina composite brick
high alumina composite brick

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Kiln refractory bricks selection

The working principle of different types of rotary kilns is same, with materials entering from the kiln tail and discharging from the kiln head. According to the temperature inside the kiln, they are divided into kiln tail, pre-heating zone, firing zone (also known as calcining zone), cooling zone, kiln head (some industries are subdivided into pre-transition zone and post-transition zone), and other sections. Due to the different rolling impacts, friction, and erosion of the burned materials, the refractory bricks used for the rotary kiln lining are also different.

HEAVY BRICK-Al-Si system refractory brick

  • Using temperature:<1700℃
  • Raw materials: bauxite aggregate
  • Production technology: high pressure molding + high temperature calcination
  • Features: good compressive strength, wide applicability, high cost performance
  • Application: high temperature resistant zone

LIGHT BRICK-thermal insulation refractory brick

  • Using temperature:<1500℃
  • Raw materials: clay, bauxite, mullite
  • Production tec: Injection molding + high-temperature calcination + cutting molding
  • Features: strong thermal insulation ability, low body density and low heat capacity
  • Application: kiln thermal insulation layer


  • Using temperature:<1700℃
  • Raw materials: according to working condition
  • Production technology: high pressure molding + high temperature calcination
  • Features: customized by picture
  • Application: special use
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  • Prevent direct damage to the kiln body caused by high-temperature flames or airflow, and protect the kiln barrel;
  • Prevent the erosion of harmful substances (CO, SO2) on the kiln body;
  • Prevent the erosion of materials and airflow on the kiln body;
  • Reduce the temperature of the kiln body to prevent oxidation and erosion of the kiln body;
  • It has the function of heat storage and insulation;
  • It can improve the performance of hanging kiln skin.

5 steps to manufacture kiln refractory bricks

  1. refractory materials: there are two types of refractory materials including natural refractory materials and synthetic refractory materials.
  2. Fully automatic feeding and crushing: automated production reduces labor costs, more control makes product quality more stable.
  3. compression moulding: we have CNC presses, hydraulic vibration molding machines.
  4. We have commonly used continuous firing equipment for firing refractory bricks. In order to ensure the excellent performance of refractory bricks, natural gas is required for firing.
  5. We own strong production capacity, guaranteed supply.

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