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MATERIAL & SIZE: ZG230-450、ZG270-500

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Kiln girth gear, also known as girth gear, girth gear ring, is one of core rotary kiln parts. Kiln girth gear is generally installed near the thrust roller and support roller. As a component of driving system, kiln girth gear is responsible for transmitting the power of the motor and driving the rotation of the rotary kiln. At the same time, the kiln girth gears also bear the power transmission between the adjacent gears, and reduce the speed difference between different gear train, so that the rotary kiln operation is more stable. In cement production line, the transmission system of rotary kiln is the core power device of cement rotary kiln, which plays a decisive role in the normal clinker production.

AGICO CEMENT is specialized in rotary kiln design and manufacture, we also have the ability to manufacture rotary kiln parts such as kiln tyre, kiln shell, kiln girth gear and pinion, etc. We can design various non-standard girth gears with reasonable structure, beautiful appearance and high quality according to customers’ needs.

girth gear

how to process kiln girth gear?

Standard processing steps: model makingmodelingpouringsand cleaningannealinginspectionprocessing bonding surfacedrilling and reaming of bonding surfaceprocessing outer circle and end facerough gear hobbingfine gear hobbingdrillingoilingstorage

why choose us?

AGICO CEMENT is a rotary kiln supplier from China, we have more than 20 years of experience in rotary kiln design and rotary kiln manufacture, our products include rotary kilns used in cement, activated carbon, lime, chemicals, and other fields, and spare parts. Based on strong production capacity and technical support, we have won the trust of clients, and our projects have been built in many countries and regions.

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To meet the different requirements of clients, we can provide a one-stop customization service, our engineering team will design rotary kilns or kiln parts according to your real working conditions.

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Advanced technology

The large girth gear ring adopts unique heat treatment technology in casting, which optimizes the structure of the gear ring, improves its hardness, and greatly enhances the wear resistance and impact resistance of the product.

Good materials

We adopt high-strength steel for gear ring casting and optimize girth gear according to the operating characteristics of the rotary kiln, ensuring the stability of the components under long-term operation and extending the service life of the large girth gear.

Bulk production capacity

AGICO has strong production capabilities in steel castings, capable of producing large quantities of components such as large gear rings, with short casting cycles and high yield and quality.


how to install kiln girth gear?

The installation process of the kiln girth gear in the rotary kiln is as follows: divide the circle between the kiln girth gear and the cylinder into four equal parts to make a fixture support for disassembly and adjustment. Remove the bolts and positioning pins at the joint of the two halves of the kiln girth gear ring, and use carbon arc air gouging to remove the spring plate connecting the large girth gear, minimize burning to the cylinder body when removing the weld seam. After all the weld seams of the spring plate are removed, Use a crane to lift the two halves of the kiln girth gears onto the hard and flat ground on site, and then remove the connecting bolts between the spring plate and the kiln girth gear. The kiln girth gear and spring plate are transported back to the factory, and the connecting holes between the large gear and the spring plate are re-drilled. The bolt size is determined by the hole size. The small gear and shaft are lifted and removed by a crane, and then transported back to the factory to remove the small gear.

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