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Zinc oxide rotary kiln

Rotary kiln for Zinc oxide

Capacity: 180-800t/h

Fuel: coal, heavy oil, or natural gas

Application: Suitable for rubber, paint, chemical, glass, electronics and other industries

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Our zinc oxide rotary kiln has eight models with different barrel specifications, the barrel diameter and length range is Ø2.5×40m-Ø3.0×60m, the kiln inclination is 3%-4%, the speed is 0.1-3.48r/min, and the supporting main motor power is 55KW-100KW, which can meet the production demand of 180-800t zinc oxide per day.

What is zinc oxide rotary kiln? Zinc oxide rotary kiln is a commonly used equipment for zinc oxide production, which is suitable for continuous production of large quantities of zinc oxide.

Why zinc oxide rotary kiln hot sale? The good properties of zinc oxide make it used in many industrial industries, such as metallurgy, electronics, chemical, resistant materials and other industries, which promotes the zinc oxide rotary kiln manufacturers continue to improve the scientific and technological content, the calcined zinc oxide products are of good quality, in line with the use of standards in various industries, and the price of zinc oxide rotary kiln is also favored by customers.

zinc oxide rotary kiln application

Zinc oxide rotary kiln has a wide range of applications and is a rare all-around rotary kiln equipment.

  • Zinc oxide rotary kiln equipment is mainly used for magnetization roasting of lean iron ore in iron and steel works in metallurgical industry. Oxidation roasting of chromium and nickelite;
  • Refractory plant calcined high metallurgical ore and aluminum plant calcined clinker and aluminum hydroxide;
  • Chemical plant roasting chromium ore and chromium ore powder and other minerals.

advantages of zinc oxide rotary kiln

  • Adopt domestic and foreign hydraulic wheel stop device;
  • The metering plunger pump with high measuring accuracy is adopted.
  • High precision speed regulating valve and contact graphite block sealing device and other domestic advanced technology;
  • The thermal system is stabilized and the equipment operation rate is improved. Compared with the same specification equipment, the operation rate is increased by 10%, the output is increased by 5%-10%, and the heat consumption is reduced by 15%.
  • Easy to operate and reliable to use.
titanium dioxide calcination rotary kiln

working principle of zinc oxide rotary kiln

  1. First, the zinc ore is prepared into particles suitable for rotary kiln processing by crushing, grinding and other processes.
  2. The ore particles are then loaded into the zinc oxide rotary kiln. Rotary kiln is a rotary movement of circular simplified, with an internal heating device, can heat the stone to the right temperature.
  3. After the ore enters the rotary kiln, with the rotation of the rotary kiln, the ore particles exchange heat with the high-temperature gas in the combustion chamber, and the zinc component in the ore is gradually transformed into zinc oxide through oxidation reaction.
  4. The high-temperature gas in the combustion chamber is provided by the combustion equipment, which usually uses natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas as fuel.

In the whole process, it is necessary to control the temperature of the rotary kiln to keep it within the appropriate range, which can not only ensure the production of zinc oxide, but also effectively improve the quality of zinc oxide. At the same time, it is also necessary to control the rotational speed of the rotary kiln so that the ore particles are evenly heated to avoid over-sintering or insufficient sintering.

zinc oxide rotary kiln price

Due to the different raw materials used by different customers to produce zinc oxide or zinc oxide, the production volume is different, and the equipment model and process used will be different. In order to better serve customers, please contact us to obtain the corresponding quotation and process flow of zinc oxide rotary kiln.

specification of zinc oxide rotary kiln

ModelSizeRotor powerWeight
(m)Diameter (m)Length (m)Slop (%)Output (t/d)Rotate speed (r/min)(kw)(t)

the market prospect of zinc oxide rotary kiln

Zinc oxide is a zinc-based oxide, usually difficult to dissolve in water but soluble in acid and alkali, commonly used chemical additives, band gap, and exciton binding energy are large, high transparency, luminescence performance at room temperature, and in recent years nano zinc oxide with nano characteristics, rapid growth, application fields are more and more extensive.

The application and value of zinc oxide products smelted in a zinc oxide rotary kiln have good prospects. As for the application of zinc oxide, one is in the field of rubber, because active zinc oxide has good activation properties, so its participation can make rubber have good wear resistance and elasticity. The second is in the high-tech field. Zinc oxide is also used in pressure-sensitive photocatalysis, photoelectrode, coating, color TV development, etc., to help the development of high electronic technology.

The last part is the use of zinc oxide. After the raw material is prepared into zinc oxide by the zinc oxide rotary kiln, its economic value has been improved, the downstream user sales market is optimistic, and the production profit prospects are good. Therefore, from this point of view, the investment prospects of zinc oxide rotary kiln are good, and the prospects of the zinc oxide products prepared are good.

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