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sponge iron rotary kiln

reduced iron rotary kiln

Materials: sponge iron

Capacity: 100-10000t/h

Application: metallurgy, chemical, refractory materials, etc

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With the increasing scarcity of mineral resources, the rotary kilns for complex mineral processing become hot topic. Sponge iron rotary kiln, or called reduced iron rotary kilns (referring to rotary calcining kilns, which belong to building materials equipment) are continuously rotating rotary kilns as reactors, using solid carbon as a reducing agent, through the solid-phase reduction reaction to smelt iron ore into iron.

about sponge iron

Sponge iron is also known as direct reduced iron. Sponge iron is obtained from red iron ore and reduced by carbon monoxide at high temperature. The reduction reaction is carried out in a large rotary kiln or special reduction equipment. The obtained product sponge iron is metallic iron with a granular structure. The quality standard of sponge iron can refer to the national standard.

The carbon content in sponge iron is 0.04%-0.3%, and the fluctuation range is large. Sponge iron can partially replace metallurgical steel, but the amount should be appropriate and not used in large quantities.

Sponge iron has the advantages of low backwash frequency, high compressive strength, no pulverization, no hardening, large specific surface area, and high activity and good regeneration effect.

Highlights of sponge iron rotary kiln

Compared with the shaft kiln, the sponge iron rotary kiln has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, less labor, high output, and quick profit. Clients can achieve the production goal in the shortest time and recover the investment cost. Clients can also choose sponge iron rotary kiln specifications with different lengths, diameters, and sizes according to the required temperature and output of the fired materials.

Reasonable design and unique redox principle

Sponge iron is a high-quality ore. It is eliminated by the principle of redox reaction and filtered by sediment removal. The dissolved oxygen content of pipes, boilers, and circulating water can reach a reasonable value after water treatment.

Flexible choice of fuel

Sponge iron rotary kilns use coal, coke, natural gas, or hydrogen as fuel, iron ore or iron concentrate pellets are reduced at a low temperature below the melting temperature of the material and become porous products.

The unique structure of sponge iron rotary kiln

Reliable sealing, high mechanical performance, smooth transmission, convenient operation, and high-quality final product calcination.

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sponge iron production in rotary kiln

The sponge iron in the sponge iron rotary kiln moves from top to bottom, which includes the movement of the upper sponge iron caused by the volume contraction of the sponge iron during the calcination process and the whole kiln sponge iron caused by the discharge of the lower sponge iron. If the sponge iron rotary kiln has a suitable expansion port, the effect of shrinkage on the decline of the sponge iron is very small. Therefore, the moving speed of sponge iron in the kiln is mainly determined by the amount of clinker discharged, which is the output. However, the movement speed of sponge iron must be adapted to the calcination speed of sponge iron, and the calcination speed is related to factors such as calcination temperature, gas velocity, heat transfer, sponge iron particle size, combustion particle size, and other factors. The moving speed of sponge iron in the equipment varies with different situations, and its moving speed is related to exhaust air, kiln speed, resistance in the kiln, physical properties of materials, kiln diameter, and heat exchange device in the kiln.

sponge iron rotary kiln specification

Size (m)Sponge iron rotary kiln dimensionsMotor power (kw)Weight (t)
Diameter (m)Length (m)Inclination (%)Capacity (t/h)Speed (r/min)

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