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rotary kiln for petroleum coke

Rotary kiln for petroleum coke calcination

Capacity: 180-5000t/d

Fuel: coal, oil, or natural gas

Application: steel, chemicals, metallurgical, etc.

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Petroleum coke is a substance produced during the refining process of petroleum. It is obtained by delayed coking of residual oil and is a type of carbonaceous material mainly composed of carbon. It has a metallic luster and is often found in the form of blocks or particles. It finds widespread applications in chemical, metallurgical, and electrode production fields. With the rapid development of the industrial sector, the prospects for the use of petroleum coke are becoming increasingly vast.

To realize its full potential, petroleum coke needs to undergo calcination processing. Our petroleum coke calcination rotary kiln is developed based on advanced calcination technology imported from Germany and the United States. It boasts outstanding specificity and professionalism, gaining favor and recognition from domestic and international users.

What are the economic benefits of calcined petroleum coke?

Calcined petroleum coke offers several economic benefits and can be a lucrative investment due to its various applications:

  • Aluminum Industry: One of the primary consumers of calcined petroleum coke is the aluminum industry. The production of carbon anodes using calcined petroleum coke is essential for aluminum smelting through the Hall-Héroult process. As the demand for aluminum continues to grow in various industries, the demand for calcined petroleum coke is also likely to increase, leading to potential investment opportunities.
  • Steel Industry: Calcined petroleum coke is used as a carbon additive in the production of high-quality steel. As the steel industry expands, the demand for calcined petroleum coke is expected to rise, presenting investment opportunities for suppliers and producers.
  • Graphite Production: The use of calcined petroleum coke to produce graphite blocks and other graphite products opens up investment prospects in the growing market for batteries, fuel cells, and lubricants.
  • Chemical Industry: Calcined petroleum coke is used in the chemical industry as a carbon additive and an intermediate in various chemical processes. The chemical industry’s growth can positively impact the demand for calcined petroleum coke, making it an attractive investment option.
  • Global Market Growth: With the ongoing industrialization in emerging economies and the demand for steel, aluminum, and other carbon-related products, the global market for calcined petroleum coke is likely to expand, offering promising investment returns.
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how petroleum coke is made?

diagram of clacined petroleum
diagram of clacined petroleum

The production of calcined petroleum coke involves the following key steps:

  • Raw Material: Green petroleum coke is the primary raw material used for the production of calcined petroleum coke. It is obtained as a byproduct of the oil refining process.
  • Drying: Green petroleum coke is first dried to remove any moisture content.
  • Calcination: The dried green petroleum coke is then heated to high temperatures (typically above 1300°C) in a rotary kiln or a vertical shaft kiln. This process removes volatile compounds and moisture, converting the green coke into calcined petroleum coke, which is predominantly carbon.
  • Sizing and Grading: The calcined petroleum coke is crushed, screened, and classified into various sizes according to the specific requirements of end-users.
  • Packaging and Transportation: The final product is packaged and transported to end-users, manufacturers, and industries.
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AGICO CEMENT is specialized in rotary kiln design and manufacture, we are dedicated to offering high-quality rotary kiln solutions for cement, lime, activated carbon, chemicals, metallurgy, and other fields. Our company has professional engineering team, production team, sales team, and marketing team, and all rotary kiln projects of AGICO CEMENT win good reputation from clients.

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The kiln and other equipment have undergone repeated optimization and improvements, resulting in a more reasonable design of technical parameters and reduced chances of vibration and other malfunctions. This ensures a safer and more stable operation.

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Equipped with an PLC control system, the equipment’s automation level is significantly improved, enabling almost unmanned operation. The simplified operation processes make it easier to operate and maintain, reducing the need for manual intervention and associated costs.


The kiln is designed with a proper sealing system and advanced insulation, preventing energy loss and improving overall energy recovery efficiency. This leads to significant annual savings of over 100,000 RMB in fuel and electricity costs for processing plants.

Environmentally Friendly

The installation of advanced combustion and exhaust gas treatment devices reduces tail gas and dust pollution, making the operation more environmentally friendly.

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As a direct-selling product from our factory to consumers, we have always adhered to a low-price sales policy for rotary kilns. Therefore, this petroleum coke rotary kiln is highly affordable for most of customers.

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specification of petroleum coke rotary kiln

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