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molybdenum iron rotary kiln

Rotary Kiln For Molybdenum Iron

Capacity: 180-5000t/d

Fuel: coal, heavy oil, or natural gas

Application: metallurgical industry.

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Rotary kiln for molybdenum iron (ferro-molybdenum) is the main equipment for calcining ferromolybdenum, smelting ferro-molybdenum and producing molybdenum oxide blocks. At the same time, the ferromolybdenum rotary kiln occupies a dominant position in the entire molybdenum iron production process.

The molybdenum roasting technology and equipment developed by our scientific researchers have made great progress and leap forward. The ferromolybdenum rotary kiln we manufacture increases production capacity and reduces energy consumption under the same conditions, and effectively improves the recovery rate of roasting, occupying the forefront of this field. In the molybdenum chemical industry, molybdenum oxide roasting is an area that the same industry is unwilling to get involved in. After long-term research and development and practice, we have achieved an increase in the production capacity of a single piece of equipment and an increase in the service life of the equipment under the conditions of improving the material structure and technology update of the equipment. Molybdenum oxide The conversion rate and roasting recovery rate have reached an advanced level in the industry and are widely recognized and used in the industry.

About molybdenum iron

What is molybdenum iron? molybdenum iron or Ferro-molybdenum refferes to ferro alloy of molybdenum and ferro, Generally containing 50 ~ 60% molybdenum. What’s the uses of molybdenum iron? The main use of ferromolybdenum is as an additive for molybdenum in steelmaking. Adding molybdenum to steel can make the steel have a uniform fine-grained structure, improve the hardenability of the steel, and help eliminate temper brittleness. In high-speed steel, molybdenum can replace part of tungsten. Molybdenum is widely used in combination with other alloying elements to produce stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, acid-resistant steel and tool steel, as well as alloys with special physical properties. Molybdenum is added to cast iron to increase its strength and wear resistance.

molybdenum iron

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Highlights of molybdenum iron rotary kiln

In the molybdenum metallurgical industry, internally heated rotary kilns are mainly used for roasting molybdenum concentrates. Producing ferromolybdenum smelting molybdenum oxide and molybdenum chemical molybdenum oxide (the fuel is natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas at this time).

Technical performance and characteristics of internally heated rotary kiln

The technical characteristics of internal combustion rotary kiln roasting of molybdenum concentrate are good roasting quality, large output of a single set of equipment, long service life of the equipment, energy saving, and easy environmental management. The supporting equipment is highly mechanized and can be controlled automatically. Different combustion devices can use various fuels to provide heat for the rotary kiln, and the exhaust gas treatment system can recycle materials. Rotary kiln occupies a major position in some ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This equipment is used for sintering, roasting and other heating treatments of ores, concentrates and intermediate products. Make chemical changes occur in materials to produce materials that meet the requirements.

Molybdenum oxide roasting uses an internal combustion rotary kiln or an external combustion rotary kiln, using direct coal, flue gas, coal gas or natural gas as the heat source. The moisture content of the dried molybdenum sulfide reaches about 5%. The molybdenum sulfide is transported into the rotary kiln for oxidation roasting. . The roasted molybdenum oxide is discharged from the end of the kiln.

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specification of molybdenum iron rotary kiln


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