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plug in type rotary kiln

Plug-In type Rotary Kiln

Size: Φ2.5×40m-Φ6.0×95m

Output: 180-10000t/d

Fuel: coal, heavy oil, or natural gas

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The plug-in rotary kiln is a new type of rotary kiln that integrates drying and calcining. It is mainly composed of an integrated feed port of the rotary kiln inserted by the dryer, which is convenient to operate, multi-purpose, time-saving and labor-saving!

The plug-in rotary kiln comprises a drying kiln, a calcining kiln and a plug-in structure arranged between the drying kiln and the calcining kiln. The drying kiln comprises a drying kiln head barrel section, and the plug-in structure comprises an intermediate connecting section and a plug-in section. The front end of the middle connecting section is detachable installed on the drying kiln head barrel section through the connecting flange, and the back end of the middle connecting section is detachable connected with the front end of the plug-in section through the connecting flange. The back end of the splice section is extended into the calcining kiln cylinder

The plug-in rotary kiln solves the problems such as small installation and disassembly space and difficult operation, saves installation time and improves production efficiency.

advantages of plug-in rotary kiln

  1. Reasonable structure device: the dryer equipment uses a reasonable partition, so that the dispersion of materials, throwing effect is better; And the special lifting and spreading device, so that the material, gas exchange efficiency is high.
  2. Drying effect is remarkable: the dryer equipment adopts the material and hot gas flow along the drying process, which has a wide range of application, while maintaining the original properties of the material; At the same time, the frequency conversion technology is used to adjust the cylinder speed, optimize the contact time between the material and the hot gas, and improve the drying effect.
  3. Easy operation and maintenance: on the one hand, the equipment adopts automatic temperature monitoring and control system, which makes the system operation more convenient; On the other hand, the structure of the dryer is optimized, which prolongs the service life of the feldspar powder dryer.
  4. Fewer problems in operation: the special arch breaking and vibration device of the dryer equipment effectively solves the problems of material caking and movement obstruction during the drying process with the body and lifting device. The failure rate is low.
  5. The axial movement of the cylinder is controllable: the kiln cylinder is made of high-quality sedative steel roll welding. The cylinder is supported on the supporting device of 2 ~ 7 sliding bearings through the wheel belt, and the mechanical or hydraulic stop wheel is provided on one or several of the supporting devices.
  6. Flexible speed: the transmission device makes the cylinder rotate at the required speed through the tooth ring located in the middle of the cylinder.
  7. Easy installation and maintenance: The larger kiln is equipped with an auxiliary transmission device that makes the cylinder turn at a very low speed to meet the needs of installation and maintenance
  8. Good sealing performance: In order to prevent cold air from entering and flue gas and dust spilling out of the cylinder, reliable sealing devices for kiln tail and kiln head are provided at the feed end (tail) and discharge end (head) of the cylinder
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Working principle of plug-in rotary kiln

When the material enters the inside of the cylinder of the dryer equipment, it is dried by contacting with the hot air through the cylinder into a straight flow or countercurrent or by effectively contacting the heating wall. After drying, the product is discharged from the lower part of the other end into the rotary kiln for calcining treatment.

During the drying process, the material is moved from the higher end to the lower end under the action of gravity by means of the slow rotation of the cylinder. The inner wall of the cylinder is equipped with a forward copy plate, which continuously picks up and sprinkles the material, greatly enhances the thermal contact surface of the material, improves the drying rate and promotes the material to move forward.

Rotary kiln (rotary kiln) is a cylinder with a certain inclination, the inclination is 3 ~ 3.5%, with the rotation of the kiln to promote the material in the rotary kiln (rotary kiln) stirring, so that the material mixed with each other, contact to react. Coal injection combustion at kiln head generates a lot of heat, which is transmitted to the material by flame radiation, hot gas convection, kiln brick (kiln skin) conduction, etc. The material moves forward in the kiln depending on the inclination of the kiln barrel and the rotation of the kiln.

plug in type rotary kiln

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specification of Plug-In Rotary Kiln

SizeOutput (t/h)Inclination (%)Speed ratio (r/min)Motor Power (KW)Weight  (t)
Φ3×60 3.50.492~1.47675190
Φ4.15×58 50.35~0.7110620
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