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oil fired rotary kiln

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Oil fired rotary kiln

Capacity: 100-10000t/d

Applications: metallurgy, cement, chemical industry, mineral processing, refractory materials and other fields.

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Oil-fired rotary kiln or oil fuel rotary kiln is a hot-sale type of rotary kiln, Oil-fired rotary kilns are a critical component in many industrial processes, providing high-temperature heat for a wide range of applications.

Oil fuel

As the name suggested, oil-fired rotary kiln use oil as fuel. A rotary kiln is a cylindrical furnace that rotates around its longitudinal axis and is used to heat materials to high temperatures. In an oil-fired rotary kiln, the heat source is typically a flame generated by burning fuel oil. This heat is transferred to the materials within the kiln through convection, conduction, and radiation.

oil-fired rotary kiln burner

Oil fuel rotary kiln uses

Oil fired rotary kilns are used in a variety of industrial applications where heat is required to transform raw materials into finished products, including cement production, lime production, and hazardous waste treatment. The use of oil as a fuel source offers several advantages over other fuels, including higher heat output and a more stable flame.

The cylinder is resistant to high temperature

The material used for the cylinder of the oil-fired rotary kiln is high-quality steel, which can withstand high temperatures during operation, and the kiln speed is easy to control within a reasonable range.

Low production cost

The wearing parts of the oil-fired rotary kiln are wear-resistant, and the maintenance rate in production is low. The bearing is a rolling shaft. The friction in operation is small, and the energy consumption is low. The electricity cost can be saved by 100 degrees per day, and the production cost of users can be reduced.

Environmental protection, low noise.

The oil-fired rotary kiln is equipped with dust remover and noise reduction equipment, which is environmentally friendly and noise-free during production.

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Specifications of oil-fired rotary kiln

Size(m)Kiln dimensionsMotorpower(kw)Total weight(t)

working principle of oil fuel rotary kiln

working principle of an oil fired rotary kiln is based on the transfer of heat from the hot gases generated by the combustion of oil to the raw materials being processed within the kiln. The rotary motion of the kiln also helps to mix and distribute the raw materials, ensuring that they are evenly exposed to the hot gases and transforming them into the desired finished product. With the right design and operation, oil fired rotary kilns can deliver high levels of performance and efficiency, supporting the growth of many industries.

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