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Metallurgy rotary kiln

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Metallurgy rotary kiln

Capacity: 100-10000t/d

Applications: steel plant, refractory plant, aluminum plant, etc.

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Metallurgy rotary kiln is a thermal equipment for drying, roasting, and calcining bulk or slurry materials. It is used in nonferrous smelting, iron and steel metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, and refractory industry; Especially in nonferrous smelting and refractory industry. Metallurgical and chemical kilns are mainly used for magnetization roasting of lean iron ore in iron and steel plants of metallurgy industry.

Metallurgy rotary kiln shell is made of static carbon steel or alloy steel plate and automatically welded. The kiln tyre, kiln support roller and open gear of the equipment are made of alloy cast steel, and are also equipped with a slow drive device to make the calcination more sufficient. The sliding bearing adopts large clearance non-scratch bearing, etc. Reasonable technical configuration and excellent calcination technology.


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Good calcination performance

The metallurgical rotary kiln has a good calcination effect on materials. The concentrate contains no impurities, high grade, strong pertinence and professionalism, and greatly improves the recovery and utilization rate of materials.

High output

The internal volume of the metallurgy rotary kiln has been increased by more than one time, the processing capacity of materials per unit time has been increased by more than three times, and the calcination efficiency is very high.

Lower cost

Our metallurgy rotary kiln is equipped with a special cooling device to ensure the cooling processing of the calcined material, the energy consumption and power consumption are very low, and the total operating cost has been reduced a lot.

Reasonable sealing system

Both the kiln head and the kiln tail are equipped with scale lamination and cylinder compression sealing devices to improve work efficiency. The design of the sealing device is relatively advanced and reasonable.

Good environmental protection effect

The design of the dust-proof device greatly reduces dust emissions and noise, improves the production environment in the metallurgical field, and has better low-carbon environmental protection effects.

Metallurgy rotary kiln cases
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specifications of metallurgy rotary kiln

main motormain gearboxWeight
ModelPower (kw)ModelSpeed ratio
φ18×26 72 AG2-72-4 30 AG750-1-Ⅰ 48.57 66 
φ1.9/1.6×39 72 AG2-72-4 30 AG750-1-Ⅰ 48.57 66 
φ1.9×36 84 AG315-4A 37 AG110-5-Ⅲ 78.19 85.9 
φ2.2×45 98.4 AG82-6 55 AG125 93.93 104 
φ2.5×40 160 AGZ2–92 40 AG125-2-Ⅰ 134.9 143 
φ2.5×45 170 AG82-4 45 AG125-4-Ⅰ 69.71 148 
φ2.5×50 180 AG3-72-4 30 AG145-9-Ⅴ 122.8 173 
φ2.5×60 168 AG355-4B 75 AG165-7-Ⅱ 99.96 222 Bauxite calcining kiln 
φ3×48 360-480 AG355-4B 75 AG145-7-Ⅱ 100.4 170.6 
φ3.1/2.5×78 216-240 AG4—225-31 75 AG165-2-Ⅱ 57.17 268 
φ3×48 700 AG4-280-21B 110 AG56-28-Ⅱ 28 244 precalcining technology
φ3×100.94 450 AG4-280-21B 90 AG995-90-Ⅵ-L 90 526 planetary cooler 
φ3.2×50 1000 AG4-280-21B 160 AG56-28-Ⅱ 28 252.4 precalcining technology 
φ3.2×52 600 AG4-280-21B 125 AG1110-71BL 71.54 275 preheater kiln 
φ3.3×52 1000 AG4-280-11B 125 AG995-40-Ⅵ-BR 40 283 precalcining technology 
φ3.5×52.5 1400 AG2-112 180 AG177 79.22 360 precalcining technology 
φ3.5×54 1500 AG4-3156-092 220 AG500-40-Ⅴ 40 368 precalcining technology 
φ3.6×70 490 AG4-280-11B 125 AG177-5-Ⅱ 79.2 419 waste heat generating kiln 
φ3.95×56 2000 AG-280-32BTH 250 AG560-40-Ⅰ 40 417 precalcining technology 
Φ4×28 90 AG4-280-21B 160 AG500-71-Ⅳ 71 300 
φ4x60m 2500 AG4-355-09Z 315 AG630-35.5-Ⅰ 34.6 523 precalcining technology 
φ4.2x60m 2800 AG4-355-12 420 AG710-35.5-Ⅰ 35.5 — precalcining technology 
φ4.3x60m 3000 AG4-355-12 375 AG710-40 40 553 precalcining technology 
φ4.8x75m 5000 AG4-400-92 630 AG710-40 42 841 precalcining technology 
Note: The table parameters are only for selection reference

Working principle of metallurgy rotary kiln

The cylinder body of the metallurgical rotary kiln is a cylindrical object with a certain slope, the slope is 3.5-4%, and the rotation of the kiln is used to promote the stirring of the materials in the rotary kiln, so that the materials are mixed and contacted with each other. The combustion of coal injection at the kiln head produces a large amount of heat, which is transferred to the material through the radiation of the flame, the convection of the hot gas, and the conduction of the kiln brick. When the raw material moves in the kiln, the movement mode of the raw material particles changes periodically, or they are buried in the material layer and move upward together with the kiln, or land on the surface of the material layer and fall down. But only when the raw material particles fall along the surface layer, the material moves forward in the kiln relying on the inclination of the kiln shell and the rotation of the kiln.

internal heated type rotary kiln working principle
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