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kaolin rotary kiln

Rotary kiln for Kaolin

Capacity: 180-5000t/h

Fuel: coal, heavy oil, or natural gas

Application: metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, cement, refractory and other fields.

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Kaolin or kaolin clay, also known as China clay, is a special non-metallic mineral with this chemical formula: Al2 [(OH)4/Si2O5]. Kaolin is a kind of clay and clay rock mainly composed of specific clay minerals. This type of clay is white and delicate, it is also called dolomitic soil. It is named after Gaoling Village, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province in China.

The wisdom of the working people is infinite, people found that this mineral has good plasticity and fire resistance. In addition to being used in papermaking and ceramics, it can also be widely used in the production of refractory materials. After this perfect substance has been discovered, high-quality kaolin resources have also been discovered in various parts of the world, such as the United States, Australia, and Russia, providing huge energy support for industrial development.


Advantages of Kaolin

Of course, just simple clay cannot be directly utilized in industry and manufacturing, we need structural transformation to proceed to the next step. Therefore, a professional machine has been designed for processing kaolin clay, which is called a kaolin rotary kiln. Kaolin rotary kiln has many advantages, and we sincerely hope you can consider it to complement your business.

  • Abundant Resources: we mentioned the distribution of this mineral resource above. Although kaolinite is founded in China and named by the region’s name, this resource is not scarce resource, and is distributed in large quantities around the world. Therefore, in the current era when various industries require raw materials to manufacture, a large amount of kaolin is another first choice.
  • Multiple Uses: now, Kaolin has become a necessary mineral raw material for dozens of industries including papermaking, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, coatings, medicine and national defense. This advanced feature is one of the main reasons that our company choose kaolin to produce special rotary kiln.
  • High Plasticity: the mud formed by the combination of kaolin and water can deform under the action of external force. The property of retaining this deformation after the external force is removed is called plasticity. Plasticity is the basis of the kaolin molding process in ceramic bodies and is also the main process technology indicator. In this setting, the uses of kaolin become more widespread.
  • Sinterability: sinterability refers to the property that when the formed solid powdered kaolin body is heated to close to its melting point (generally over 1000°C), the substance spontaneously fills the gaps between the particles and becomes densified. The state in which the porosity drops to the minimum value and the density reaches the maximum value is called the sintering state, and the corresponding temperature is called the sintering temperature. As the heating continues, the liquid phase in the sample continues to increase and the sample begins to deform. The temperature at this time is called the transformation temperature. The interval between the sintering temperature and the transformation temperature is called the sintering range. Sintering temperature and sintering range are important parameters in determining the blank formula and selecting the type of kiln in the ceramic industry. The sample should have a low sintering temperature and a wide sintering range (100-150°C). In terms of technology, the sintering temperature and sintering range can be controlled by blending fluxing raw materials and blending different types of kaolin in proportion. This feature is the main research direction of our company, we have designed special kaolin rotary kiln based on its characteristic.

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Kaolin rotary kiln for sale

Our kaolin rotary kiln is divided into eleven types according to the specifications and dimensions of the cylinder, ranging from Ø1.6×32m-Ø4×80m, the cylinder diameter above 2.2m (including 2.2m) is equipped with auxiliary drive, and the support above 3.0m (including 3.0m) is changed from three groups to four groups, the kiln speed is 0.88-2.85r /min, and the inclination is 3.5-4.0%. The main motor power is 18.5KW-355KW, which can meet the calcination demand of kaolin mineral products in the range of 2t-20t.

Kaolin rotary kiln is the most important part in the production and sintering of kaolin, kaolin rotary kiln has its own perfect benefits. The kaolin rotary kiln adopts advanced modern technology and can make full use of cheap energy. In particular, it can use gases that originally polluted the environment as the main energy source and turn waste into treasure. It can not only achieve the purpose of protecting the environment, but also produce the products produced by the kaolin rotary kiln. we can simply regard it as good mineral quality and low cost. So what are the advantages of kaolin rotary kiln?


The kaolin rotary kiln is a modern equipment with environmental protection, energy saving and high degree of automation.

wide Application

Kaolin rotary kiln has a wide range of uses, such as roasting activated lime and light-burned dolomite for steel plants and ferroalloy plants.

low energy consumption

The kaolin rotary kiln can obtain higher temperature secondary air entering the kiln. Can effectively increase the firing temperature in the kiln and reduce fuel consumption

high output

The vertical cooler installed at the kiln head of the kaolin rotary kiln can not only quench high-temperature lime and increase product activity, but also facilitate transportation and storage.

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kaolin rotary kiln is an ideal equipment for many factories in various industries. Our company has a deep understanding and research of domestic kaolin, and the kaolin rotary kiln equipment is also advanced. Feel free to contact us, let us build your dream.

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specification of kaolin rotary kiln

Model(m)Basic parameters(t/h)ReducerMotorNumber of supports (PCS)Weight(t)
rotate speed (r/min)inclination(%)output(t/h)ModelModelpower(KW)
Auxiliary:AG 50-1Y160M-67.5
φ2.8×55m0.62-1.53.56-7Main: AG 165-5YCT355-4B753215.6
Auxiliary:AG 50-1Y160L-611
φ3.0×60m0.5-1.53.57-9Main:AG 165-3ZSN-280-11B1254310.9
Auxiliary: AG 50-1Y160L-611
φ3.2×64m0.4-1.53.58-10Main: AG 130-16ZSN-280-11B1904337.8
φ3.5×70m0.4-1.53.512-14Main: AG 500-40ZSN-315-0822804394.6
φ4.0×80m0.4-1.53.516-20Main: AG 630-35.5ZSN-315-123554564.8
Auxiliary: AG 280-35.5Y200L-430
This parameter table is for reference only, according to the customer’s geographical environment conditions and requirements vary.
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