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Indirect Fired Rotary Kiln

Capacity: 180-10000t/d

Applications: Widely used in chemical, new materials, metallurgy, precious metals, rare earth, new energy, and other industries.

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Indirect fired rotary kiln refers to rotary kiln with the indirect heating method, also known as indirect rotary kiln, indirect heated rotary kiln, or external heating rotary kiln.

As the name suggested, The heat source of the indirect-fired rotary kiln is outside the kiln body and will not direct contact with the material. It mainly transfers the heat from the inner wall of the kiln to the material.

Conversely, we all know there is direct fired rotary kiln, it is the direct contact between the fuel and the material, and the roasting is carried out in the kiln, and the heat energy is directly transferred.

Application: mainly applied for metallic and non-metal minerals, it can also be used for the combustion, decomposition, and drying of agricultural products, chemical products, medical and other materials. The materials treated by direct-fired rotary kiln are highly toxic substances or materials that require high concentrations of flue gas and high product purity.

Adjusted Calcination time and process

It is suitable for continuous production on a large scale. The heat source is controlled by imported SSR thyristor or power regulator, and the temperature control accuracy is high. At the same time, the working temperature can be adjusted according to the actual production process, and the calcination time can be adjusted in various ways, which is flexible and stable.

Fewer wearing parts facilitate maintenance

The heating chamber adopts the upper and lower two-stage assembly design, which is convenient for disassembly during maintenance. The high-quality heating components have a long service life. They are arranged in parallel, side-mounted, and drawer types. The replacement is very easy, and there are few failure points. Careful efforts are made for humanized design.

The system is closed, no pollution

The material flow is always in the inner furnace body, indirect heat transfer, the system is closed, there is no environmental pollution, and it also avoids the pollution of the material by heating, with high recovery rate and less impurities.

Automatic control, less labor-intensive

Feeding bin control + feeding instantaneous speed control to ensure continuous operation; multi-temperature and multi-pressure point monitoring. The whole system can realize automatic control; blast, induced air, protective gas opening and pressure control; data is recorded without paper, and the driving team can be easily handed over.

specifications of indirect fired rotary kiln

Rated Temperature≤1100℃
Heating Zone1-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
Heating Power (KW)40-8070-120100-200120-260180-340200-400300-580
Power380V 50HZ

working principle of indirect fired rotary kiln

The direct-fired rotary kiln consists of a flat-lying slightly inclined cylinder body and a furnace body fixed at both ends of the kiln body. The rotary kiln parts include a kiln shell, kiln tyre ring, girth gear and pinion, driving device, refractory brick, supporting roller, kiln thrust roller, inlet and outlet kiln sealing.

There is a calcining chamber on the outside of the cylinder, the heat generated by calcination is transferred to the material through the cylinder, and the material is dried and separated at a high temperature. The external heating rotary kiln is the same as the basic rotary kiln. With the help of the 3-3.5% inclined kiln body, the material moves from the kiln tail to the kiln head in the cylinder under the condition of continuous rotation.

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