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gas fired rotary kiln

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Gas Fired Rotary Kiln

Capacity: 180-10000t/d

Applications: metallurgy, cement, chemical industry, mineral processing, refractory materials and other fields.

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Gas-fired rotary kiln or fuel gas rotary kiln refers to a rotary kiln that uses coal gas, natural gas, biogas, and liquefied gas. A gas fuel rotary kiln is a indirectly fired rotary kiln that can be used to calcine limestone and other raw materials.

According to burner types, gas fuel rotary kilns can be mainly divided into outer ring gas burner and insert gas burner. These two kinds of burners can form a relatively uniform combustion point in the kiln, thus providing sufficient heat for the rotary kiln. In order to solve the uneven calcination, a gas regulating valve is added to adjust the flame and control the temperature in the kiln, which can well solve the uneven calcination.

indirect fires rotary kiln
Gas fuel

Gas is the full name of gaseous fuel. This gaseous fuel can release a lot of heat. It is widely used in industrial and civil fields and is a clean fuel. The main types of this fuel are coal gas, natural gas, biogas, liquefied petroleum gas, artificial gas, etc.

Gas fuel rotary kiln application

Gas fired rotary kiln has strong production capacity, high degree of automation, and simple maintenance and operation. It can adapt to the calcination processing of various materials, and can be used in the fields of metallurgy, cement, lime firing, chemical industry, mineral processing, and refractory materials.

High output and low energy consumption

Our company’s rotary kiln selects reasonable operating parameters, and the gas consumption and electricity consumption are reduced by more than 10% compared with ordinary rotary kilns. The hourly output is increased by more than 10-15%, and it has been widely used.

Controllable temperature, good for calcination

The burner design of gas fuel rotary kiln is mainly manufactured by adopting the characteristics of medium and low temperature melting and firing rotary kiln. Choose the best burner to control various situations of the excessive heat generated by natural gas. The temperature distribution is more reasonable, which is conducive to calcination.

Good automation and low cost

The automatic device and monitor are installed, which can be adjusted according to the preset temperature, gas fuel rotary kiln is not only safe and reliable but also convenient to control. It can also save labor costs and reduce capital investment in the later stage.

Environmentally friendly, efficient, and sustainable

Gas is used as fuel, which is clean and environmentally friendly, with high heat. Moreover, the supply of gas is stable, and the user’s investment in gas-fired rotary kilns meets the standards for environmental protection.

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Specifications of gas-fired rotary kiln

Size(m)Kiln dimensionsMotorpower(kw)Total weight(t)

working principle of gas fuel rotary kiln

During the operation of a gas fuel rotary kiln, raw materials are fed into a rotary kiln, and the rotary kiln cylinder rotates slowly, the raw materials move from one end to another end, and decompose, be fired, and the finished product will be discharged from the outlet, and enter cooler.

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