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Domestic Waste rotary kiln

Rotary kiln incinerator for Domestic Waste

Rotate speed: 0.05-2r/min

Daily output: 30-150t/d

Fuel: coal, heavy oil, or natural gas

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Domestic waste rotary kiln incinerator is a mature technology, if the waste to be treated contains a variety of difficult to burn substances, or the moisture range of the waste is large, rotary kiln is the only ideal choice. Because of the change of rotary kiln speed, the residence time of garbage in the kiln can be affected, and the strong mechanical collision of garbage in high temperature air and excessive oxygen can get a very low content of slag. The rotary kiln can handle a wide range of waste, especially in the field of incineration of industrial waste is widely used. The application in raw waste incineration is mainly to improve the burning-out rate of slag, and completely burn the waste to meet the quality requirements of slag reuse.

Waste incineration rotary kiln is a new type of rotary kiln specializing in calcining waste and garbage, which can effectively treat waste into valuable secondary development materials. After calcining the waste piled up into mountains, rotary incineration kiln is a widely used incineration equipment in the field of industrial waste treatment, and has a high market share in the field of industrial waste incineration.

Advantages of domestic waste rotary kiln

  1. Low cost: high temperature materials contact refractory materials. Easy to replace furnace lining.
  2. Simple transmission mechanism: the transmission mechanism is in the kiln shell. Equipment maintenance is simple.
  3. Ensure that harmful gases do not leak out: good sealing measures and furnace negative pressure.
  4. Easy operation and maintenance: high equipment operation rate. The annual operation rate is generally up to 90%.
  5. Strong adaptability to incineration: solid waste can be burned at the same time. Liquid. Colloid. Gas.
  6. High heat utilization rate: the incineration material billows forward. Three heat transfer methods coexist in one furnace.
  7. Advanced technology: the traditional secondary combustion chamber is evolved into a secondary combustion furnace. The burning-out rate of ash is improved. Improved incineration efficiency of rotary kiln. At the same time, it has room temperature slag. Slag crushing, sealing and locking air and other comprehensive functions.
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Working principle of domestics waste rotary kiln

Domestic waste incineration rotary kiln processes solid waste, and the waste completes the process of water evaporation, volatilization analysis, ignition and combustion in the rotary kiln. The ash and slag part is discharged from the bottom of the secondary combustion chamber, and the generated flue gas enters the secondary combustion chamber, and mixes with the secondary combustion air in the secondary combustion chamber to achieve flue gas recovery and combustion, and achieve the exhaust gas safety emission standard.

Three incineration methods of rotary kiln are ash and slag incineration. Slag incineration; Pyrolytic incineration.

Ash and slag incineration in rotary kiln

Ash and slag incinerator, the temperature of the rotary kiln is controlled at 800 degrees to 900 degrees, and the hazardous waste is destroyed by oxidation and melting. The main discharge from the end of the rotary kiln is ash and slag, which is loose after cooling. Due to the low temperature of the furnace, the high-temperature erosion and oxidation of hazardous waste to the refractory materials of the rotary kiln are not strong, so the service life of refractory materials is relatively long. The phenomenon of “hanging wall” in the inner furnace body is not serious.

Slag incineration in rotary kiln

Slag rotary kiln incinerator is mainly to deal with some single, highly toxic hazardous waste, the temperature is generally above 1500 degrees, the purpose is to improve the destruction rate. Because the objects treated are different, the composition is complex, and the melting point of some hazardous wastes is above 1300 degrees – 1400 degrees, the temperature control of this type of incinerator is difficult and the operation requirements are higher. Due to the high furnace temperature of slag rotary kiln incinerator, the consumption of auxiliary fuel increases, and the direct consequence is that the fuel consumption, mechanical loss and operation difficulty of refractory and thermal insulation materials of rotary kiln are higher.

Pyrolytic incineration in rotary kiln

The temperature in the kiln of pyrolytic rotary kiln is controlled at 700-800 degrees. Due to the combustible gas generated by the pyrolysis and gasification of hazardous waste in the rotary kiln into the secondary combustion chamber, the oil consumption can be greatly reduced. In addition, due to the low temperature, low heat loss and low smoke volume, the installed capacity is reduced and the operating cost is greatly reduced, but its disadvantage is that the ash residue is high. Ash incineration is not complete, at present some key technologies, there have been breakthroughs, this incineration method represents the development direction of rotary kiln incineration hazardous waste technology, especially for resource-saving society, this is particularly important.

Domestic waste rotary kiln working principle
Domestic waste treatment

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