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direct fired rotary kiln

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Direct Fired Rotary Kiln

Capacity: 180-10000t/d

Applications: Apply for calcined cement, activated lime, dolomite, bauxite, nickel ore and other fields

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Direct fired rotary kiln or internal heating rotary kiln applies for all kinds of materials calcination, it is widely used in cement, chemicals and metallurgy, and other industries. AGICO CEMENT develops and design rotary kiln with a professional technical team, providing direct-fired rotary kiln and indirect-fired rotary kiln according to clients’ need.

The material of the internal heating rotary kiln is in direct contact with the flame and flue gas, and the oxidizing or reducing atmosphere in the furnace can be realized by adjustment. The inner wall of the cylinder is built with refractory bricks. There is a flexible seal between the bodies, which can completely prevent dust and material leakage. Multi-level support can be adopted so that the length of the cylinder can reach 60 meters, and the maximum operating temperature can reach 1600 ℃. The output of a direct-fired rotary kiln is large, and the applicable fuels include liquefied gas, natural gas, coal gas, fuel oil, pulverized coal, coal, etc.

APPLICATION: Direct fired rotary kiln occupies a major position in the calcination of some ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In a word, a direct-fired rotary kiln is used for sintering and roasting ores, concentrates, and intermediate products. Using direct combustion of coal, flue gas, coal gas, or natural gas as the heat source, the materials are oxidized and roasted in the rotary kiln, and chemical changes occur to produce materials that meet the requirements.

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AGICO CEMENT is specialized in rotary kiln manufacture, we have 30+ years of experience in rotary kiln and parts supply. Based on high quality and customization service, we have built many successful EPC projects around the world.

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Automatic control, energy saving and environmental protection, saving energy.

The supporting equipment has high degree of mechanization, automatic control, good roasting quality, large output, long service life of rotary kiln.

The composite furnace lining design has good thermal insulation performance, and the surface heat dissipation loss is reduced by 30%-60% compared with the traditional lining.

Precise temperature control and fuel consumption control, effectively save energy.

A variety of burner configurations can meet the needs of different users.

Direct fired rotary kiln cases

specifications of direct fired rotary kiln

Size(m)Kiln dimensionsMotorpower(kw)Total weight(t)

Working principle of direct rotary kiln (internal heating rotary kiln)

The heat source of the internal heating rotary kiln comes from the combustion device, and the rotary kiln adopts the counter-flow heating method. Therefore, the materials that need to be dried will slip into the cylinder from the feed box and feed, that is, they will be pushed back by the screw board. Due to the inclined placement of the rotary kiln, on the one hand, the material flows to the rear end under the action of gravity and rotation, on the other hand, the material is repeatedly picked up by the scooping plate, brought to the upper end and then continuously scattered, so that the material forms a uniform curtain in the cylinder , fully conduct heat exchange with the hot air in the cylinder, because the material is repeatedly scattered, the moisture contained in it is gradually dried, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

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