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Rotary kiln for ceramsite

Capacity: 100-10000t/h

Fuel: coal, heavy oil or natural gas

Application: construction, landscaping, filtration, oil extraction

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The ceramsite rotary kiln is a calcination equipment for ceramsite manufacture, it is mainly used for the calcination and production of various materials such as bauxite, clay, yellow mud, river bottom sludge, fly ash, shale, coal gangue, urban domestic garbage, biological sludge, etc.

About ceramsite

Ceramsite is a kind of building material fired from shale. It has the advantages of light weight, good permeability, high strength, energy conservation and environmental protection. It is widely used in the production of roads, bridges, houses, tunnels, handicrafts, etc., and has powerful functions.

As for its preparation, several basic links such as preheating, drying, roasting, cooling, grading and storage are generally used for the preparation of ceramsite, which cannot be separated from the calcination operation of ceramsite rotary kiln.

Our rotary kiln is mainly used for calcining raw materials. With the advantages of mature process, stable operation, safe production process and trouble-free, and large processing capacity. The finished product – ceramsite has good stability and wide uses.

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process for ceramsite rotary kiln

There are several processes for ceramsite manufacture, no matter what kind of raw material is used, the production process covers raw material homogenization, granulation, roasting and cooling and etc. According to the type and characteristics of raw materials, the granulation process is as follows:

  1. Slurry balling process: applicable to fly ash or other powdery raw materials. fly ash → mixing and homogenization → pelletizing → roasting → cooling → finished products.
  2. Plastic method process: applicable to clay and clayey raw materials. clay → plasticization, homogenization → granulation by roller → roasting → cooling → finished product.
  3. Crushing (dry process) process: applicable to shale and other raw materials. shale → crushing and grading → roasting → cooling → finished products.
  4. Milling and pelletizing process: applicable to shale, argillaceous shale, coal gangue and other raw materials. shale → drying → grinding → pre-wetting → pelletizing → roasting → cooling → finished product admixture.
Working principle of ceramsite rotary kiln

The production of ceramsite rotary kiln is based on the ceramsite expansion mechanism. The expansion temperature is carried out in the ceramsite rotary kiln, and then the feed ball is expanded well under the action of gas to obtain the finished ceramsite. However, the practice shows that the clay material with good expansion performance will hardly expand when it is slowly heated to the expansion temperature. If it is heated rapidly, it can obtain good expansion. Therefore, the basic principle of calcining ceramsite is that the material ball should be moderately and slowly heated in the drying preheating kiln to prevent the material ball from cracking, and the high-temperature section of the ceramsite rotary kiln should be rapidly heated to achieve the ideal expansion effect.

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Advantages of ceramsite rotary kiln
  • Our ceramsite rotary kiln has simple structure, high unit volume, long service life, high operation rate, stable operation, high heat transfer efficiency and low heat consumption.
  • Automatic temperature control of ceramsite rotary kiln, overtemperature alarm, waste heat utilization of secondary air inlet, long service life of kiln lining.
  • The advanced sealing technology and device at the kiln head and tail of the ceramsite rotary kiln are characterized by stable operation and high output.
  • Our ceramsite rotary kiln adopts the advanced hydraulic blocking device at home and abroad.
  • High-precision speed control valve of ceramsite rotary kiln and contact graphite block sealing device and other advanced technologies.
  • Our ceramsite rotary kiln adopts a metering plunger pump with high metering accuracy.
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