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cement rotary kiln

Rotary kiln in cement industry

Materials: cement


Capacity: 100-10000t/h

Application: clinker plant, cement plant,

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Cement rotary kiln is the main equipment for cement production line and clinker plant, Cement rotary kiln is a kind of production equipment with chemical reaction, fuel combustion and heat transfer as main functions.

According to the difference in heating methods, cement rotary kiln is divided into internal heating rotary kiln and external heating rotary kiln.

Cement rotary kiln manufacturer

AGICO CEMENT has its own cement rotary kiln development, research and design team, systematic cement rotary kiln testing and testing methods, and sophisticated large-scale cement rotary kiln manufacturing equipment and manufacturing technology. It has formed a relatively integrated solution cover cement rotary kiln design, manufacturing and installation, commissioning services.

Advantages of our cement rotary kiln

Meet the cement production line of 100~5000 t/d

Our rotary kiln has various specifications, such as φ3.2×48m to φ4.8×74m, which can meet the cement production line of 100~5000t/d.

High productivity, high efficiency, low heat consumption

Through technological innovation, the rotary kiln calcination system equipment adopts a hydraulic stopper device, high-precision metering plunger pump, speed regulating valve and contact graphite block sealing device, etc., with stable performance, high output, and low energy consumption.

Wide range of applications

AGICO rotary kilns are widely used in many production industries including building materials, metallurgy, the chemical industry, environmental protection and so on.

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rotary kiln parts

A cement rotary kiln is composed of a kiln shell, kiln tyre ring, girth gear and pinion, kiln supporting roller, kiln thrust roller, a transmission device, a kiln seal, and other components. AGICO CEMENT supplies both rotary kiln and kiln parts.

Large gear ring and pinion: there is a large gear on the cylinder of the mechanical transmission rotary kiln, which is generally located in the middle of the rotary kiln. The large gear is driven by the pinion located on the civil foundation of the transmission device.

Kiln tyre ring: in order to prevent the kiln tyre ring from falling off when the cylinder body is heated and axially expands and stretches and moves axially, the surface width of the rotary kiln supporting roller should be wider than the kiln tyre by 10-80mm.

Kiln supporting roller: The supporting roller works under heavy load conditions. When the supporting roller moves to the axial movement of the kiln body, the supporting roller can be supported on the top of the bronze bearing bush by the retaining ring.

Kiln thrust roller: The kiln thrust roller are installed on both sides of the kiln tyre ring, mainly to indicate and properly prevent the axial movement of the cylinder.

Cement rotary kiln working principle

The material enters the kiln from the kiln head (the high end of the cylinder) for calcination. Due to the inclination and slow rotation of the cylinder, the material rolls in the circumferential direction and moves in the axial direction (from the high end to the low end), and the process of decomposition and firing is completed in the rotary kiln. After physical and chemical reactions, finally, the clinker is discharged through the kiln hood. The fuel is injected into the rotary kiln from the kiln head, and the waste gas generated by the combustion is discharged from the kiln tail after heat exchange with the material.

rotary kiln working

Specifications of cement rotary kiln

Size(m)Kiln dimensionsMotorpower(kw)Total weight(t)

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