regeneration kiln

Carbon regeneration kiln

Feeding size: >15mm

Capacity: 8-30t/d

Applicable materials: water treatment, medicine, chemicals, mineral and other fields.

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A carbon regeneration kiln or carbon reactivation kiln, or regeneration kiln is a type of activated carbon equipment that recovers the adsorption property of used activated carbon. Our regeneration kiln has characteristics of large processing capacity, high degree of automation, continuous feeding and discharging, uniform and stable quality of recycled products, easy operation and control, strong adaptability to materials, and low equipment failure.

Our regeneration kiln can use various types of heating methods, including electric, gas fuel, and oil fuel. In addition, our reactivation kiln can be used for both granular activated carbon regeneration and powder activated carbon regeneration.

Application of carbon regeneration kiln

The regeneration kiln heats the used activated carbon to a high temperature of 700-750 ℃ to decompose the organic impurities adsorbed on the surface of the carbon into CO2 and other substances to volatilize, and activates the carbon with high-temperature water vapor, so that the activated carbon adsorption performance after activation is restored to above 95. The carbon regeneration kiln can realize the recycling and reuse of activated carbon, reduce the use of new carbon by more than 70%, and greatly reduce the production cost of carbon.

It can be widely used in gold mines, chemical industry, sewage treatment and other industries. Especially for gold mines, the use of activated carbon regeneration kiln can also reduce the loss of gold taken away by carbon powder formed by new carbon, and increase the benefits of gold enterprises.

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Our carbon regeneration kiln is completely controlled by PLC control system, which has changed the old production method. It saves manpower and labor, and the quality is controllable and safe.

Our company has more than 10 years of production experience in activated carbon regeneration. After the combination of research and actual production, the new waste activated carbon regeneration furnace system developed by AGICO has high equipment stability, low equipment failure rate, and convenient equipment operation. It has the advantages of no special catalyst, low regeneration cost, high quality, clean and environment-friendly.

Advantages of regeneration kiln

High recovery rate of iodine value

high-temperature water quenching technology is adopted to promote the development of activated carbon porosity, increase iodine value, and improve adsorption rate.

Low carbon loss

The carbon feeding system adopts a non-abrasive feeder, the regenerated carbon does not undergo hard fragmentation, and the oxygen content in the activated carbon regeneration furnace is strictly controlled, so that the carbon will not burn, thereby avoiding the loss of charcoal due to combustion.

High equipment stability

The waste activated carbon regeneration kiln developed by our company is a complete activated carbon production line, from raw material feeding to finished product packaging and warehousing, exhaust gas treatment, and wastewater treatment.

Convenient operation

the whole set of equipment adopts the unified control of the PLC programmable system, which has a high degree of automation. At the same time, the whole set of equipment is equipped with a complete electronic control operation and monitoring system.

Low cost and high quality

the main energy consumption mainly comes from the thermal liberation of materials. The steam required for drying, regeneration, and flue gas heating of this system is provided by the waste heat boiler equipped in the subsequent tail gas treatment, without additional supplementation, greatly reducing production costs.

Environment friendly

The system adopts a closed negative pressure disposal system from the feeding to the packaging of the output. The system is equipped with a professional waste gas and wastewater treatment system, which has high disposal efficiency and good environmental protection, and the treated flue gas can meet the standard.

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Specification of regeneration kiln

ModelsCapacity (kg/h)PowerDriving motorSize (L×W×H)
AG0.6300-5005.5frequency control10*1.1*1.2
AG 1.61500-18002217*2.1*2.2
AG 1.81800-25003020*2.3*2.5
AG 2.02700-32003720*2.5*2.7
AG 2.23200-40004520*2.7*2.8
AG 2.54000-50005520*3*3.1
AG 3.05000-60007520*3.5*3.8

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