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Rotary kiln for bauxite

Capacity: 100-10000t/h

Fuel: coal, heavy oil or natural gas

Application: national defense, automobile, refractory, petrochemical, and other industries

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Bauxite rotary kiln is mainly used to calcine bauxite, the bauxite rotary kiln developed by AGICO CEMENT has advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection, high yield, stable operation, long life. Bauxite rotary kiln belongs to building materials equipment, and is an indispensable equipment for calcining bauxite clinker at present. With the development of calcination technology and high-tech materials, the calcination efficiency of bauxite rotary kiln is getting higher, and the service life is also getting longer.

About bauxite

Bauxite is a kind of earthy mineral, mainly composed of aluminum oxide, with low hardness, brittleness, insoluble in water, white or grayish white appearance, and ferriferous element stone is brown or light red. It is mainly used for smelting aluminum and making refractory materials. The main equipment for bauxite preparation includes bauxite rotary kiln, crusher, elevator, preheater, cooler, dust collector and other equipment. Bauxite is widely used in smelting, aerospace, machinery, refractories, petroleum, chemical industry, atomic energy, national defense and other fields.

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rotary kiln for sale

AGICO CEMENT is a rotary kiln supplier with 20+ years of experience, we can provide EPC project cover services of rotary kiln design, manufacture, and spare parts supply, our rotary kiln can be applied for the production of cement, lime, activated carbon, fly ash, and other materials. Based on high quality and competitive price, we have built 100+ rotary kiln projects at home and aboard.

Our highlights
Models complete

The bauxite rotary kiln of AGICO CEMENT has full range of models with specifications available, from Ø 2.2× 38m to Ø 4 ×60m, which can meet the 150-700t/day calcination demand of alumina ore.

Low energy consumption

Bauxite rotary kiln has low energy consumption, good quality stability and strong advantages in market price.

Simple structure

Bauxite rotary kiln has simple external structure, reasonable internal structure and convenient installation, operation and maintenance.

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Our equipment

We have a professional engineering team and more than 100 sets equipment, including φ5.3×18m (loading 200t) CNC horizontal lathe, φ5.5×18m cylinder lathe, φ8m heavy digital display vertical lathe, φ8.0m heavy hobbing machine, 14×5m CNC floor boring and milling machine 3.4×10m CNC Gantry boring and milling machine, 120mm CNC plate rolling machine, φ6.5×20m large annealing furnace, φ6.5×20m sandblasting room, 1800t four-column hydraulic press, 10t electric arc furnace and other heavy machinery manufacturing equipment.

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Bauxite rotary kiln working principle

Bauxite rotary kiln is supported by kiln support rollers, during the operation, raw materials were sent into kiln from high-end feed port, rotary kiln heat raw materials by kiln shell, The raw material rolls in a circular direction in the cylinder and moves from high temperature to low end in the axial direction. The raw material is decomposed and burned by copper in the bauxite rotary kiln, and the sintered bauxite products are discharged from the bottom end into the cooler, and then qualified bauxite products can be obtained.

specification of bauxite rotary kiln

SizeCapacity(t/d)Supporting rollerReducerMotorPower(kW)
Ø2.2×38m1502 setZS125-5AG2-225M-445
Ø2.5×40m2002 setZS145-5AG2-250M-455
Ø2.8×43m2302 setZS165-6AG2-280S-475
Ø3.0×50m2502 setZS165-3AG2-280M-490
Ø3.2×50m3002 setZL130-16AG2-315L2-6132
Ø3.6×55m4502 setZSY560-63AG2-355M1-6160
Ø3.8×58m5502 setZSY560-63AG2-355M2-6185
Ø4.0×60m7002 setZSY630-35.5AG2-355M4-6200

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