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Activation kiln

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Activated Carbon Rotary Kiln

Capacity: 5-30TPD

Applications: wood, coconut shell, coal, sawdust and other biomass materials.

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Activated carbon rotary kiln is designed for activated carbon production. AGICO can supply rotary kilns for activated carbon with customized designs and competitive prices. Our activated carbon rotary kilns are applied in the activated carbon production line.

Internal structure of activation furnace
Internal structure of activation furnace

FINISHED PRODUCTS-activated carbon

FINISHED PRODUCT – Activated carbon, also called carbon black, is a kind of material that contains higher carbon content, usually being pellet, granular, cellular, or powder. It has strong absorbability and stable chemical properties.

Wide application: activated carbon has strong absorbability to effectively remove color, smell, and most organic pollutants and some inorganic substances in secondary water. So activated carbon is widely used in petrochemicals, electric power, chemical, food, gold, environmental protection, and other industries.

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AGICO CEMENT is a trusted rotary kiln manufacturer, providing direct-fired rotary kilns and indirectly fired rotary kilns for activated carbon production, also including auxiliary equipment and spare parts of rotary kiln supply.

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We promise a one-stop service and the EPC project covers design, equipment, installation, debugging, personnel training, maintenance and etc. we also provide customization services that meet your individual needs.

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wide applications

Our rotary kiln can be applied to all types of materials for activated carbon making, such as coconut shell activated carbon making, wood, coal, sawdust, bamboo and other materials, moreover, it can be used in every important section of the activated carbon production line, including carbonization process, activation process and regeneration process.

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Based on advanced techniques and large production capacities, we have built over 100 lines around the world. These are some of our activated carbon rotary kiln projects.

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Advantages of activated carbon rotary kiln

Good compatibility and wide application in raw materials

Apply for various types of biomass materials, including granular materials, powdery materials, pellets, etc.

Long service life

Our activated carbon rotary kiln adopts super materials, the combustible combustion system adopts high-frequency welding, and the heating shell is lined with high-temperature refractory fiber, which has a long service life and fewer wearing parts, which makes users more worry-free.

Easy operation and less labor required

Our activated carbon rotary kiln is simple in operation; it adopts a common control cabinet or PLC control system with a high degree of automation. Our professional team trains operators to help customers quickly master operation skills.

working principle of activated carbon rotary kiln

The raw materials of activated carbon plant include wood, coal, coconut shell, crop shell, and other carbon-rich materials. How is activated carbon made? The main production process: carbon-containing materials are put into a rotary kiln, and changed into activated carbon under high temperature and pressure.

The calcination temperature of the activated carbon rotary kiln is between 950℃ and 1050℃ and is adjusted according to the amount of activated carbon material to meet the requirements of finished products. The activated carbon rotary kiln is definitely a better selection of renewable resource production equipment.

groundnut-shell activated carbon production line

Specifications of activated carbon rotary kiln

ModelSpecificationPowerOutput(t/d)Outline size(mm)
Rotary activation furnace (internal heat type)Φ1.5m×12m7.5-111-216000*2300*4000
*NOTE: Specifications of activation kiln are only for reference; all sizes can be customized according to your needs.

application of activated carbon rotary kiln

An activated carbon rotary kiln is used for activated carbon making as its name implies. As we know, activated carbon production has two main sections: the carbonization process, activation process, and the rotary kiln can be applied to both of them. In addition, an activated carbon rotary kiln can also be used for the regeneration of activated carbon.

This is an activated carbon production process, and we can find that the rotary kiln plays an important role, If you are interested, welcome to contact us and learn about the specific process.

The raw materials for activated carbon production should be adequately batched in the storage room, and then the raw materials are transported to the rotary kiln through the conveyor for calcination (two-stage kiln) carbonization, and then activated by the activation kiln. After activation, the activated carbon is crushed by the crushing system, and the crushed activated carbon is screened by screening equipment and packaged according to different particle sizes; if the finished product is required to be powdered activated carbon, it must undergo a grinding process after crushing, and then undergo packaging and quality inspection.

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