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Activated carbon or activated charcoal is black powder or block, granular, honeycomb amorphous carbon, and also has regular crystalline carbon. How activated carbon is made? The activated carbon manufacturing process can be summed up into this: some carbonaceous materials are converted to activated carbon by pyrolysis in the activated carbon rotary kiln at high temperature and pressure.

Activated carbon has outstanding adsorption capacity, which can efficiently remove color and smell, certain organic contaminants, and inorganic substances of secondary water, including toxic heavy metals. In fact, activated carbon is widely used in petrochemical, electric power, chemical, food, gold, environmental protection, and life in all aspects.

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The activated carbon rotary kiln is the main equipment in the activated carbon production line, it plays a core role in the carbonization process, activation process, and regeneration process of activated carbon. AGICO CEMENT is a professional rotary kiln manufacturer, that has the ability to provide EPC project solutions for activated charcoal making, including related equipment supply and technique support.

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At present, energy and environmental problems cause more attention in the industry. It is necessary to pay attention to the energy-saving and efficiency improvement and update the rotary kiln. We will introduce how to save energy and improve the efficiency of activated carbon rotary kiln in this article. 

1. Improve the combustion efficiency of fuel

The fuels that can be used in the production of activated carbon rotary kilns can be divided into gas fuels, solid fuels, liquid fuels and mixed fuels. Considering the cost of use, the fuels currently used in China can be roughly divided into two categories: pulverized coal and coal gas. When using pulverized coal, select a reasonable control index. The finer the pulverized coal, the more complete the combustion. If the ash content is high, the primary air volume can be reduced and the thermal intensity of the firing zone can be improved. Selecting reasonable exhaust air and a certain amount of excess air are the conditions for complete combustion. In addition, the structure of the burner must be reasonable, and the four-air duct structure should be adopted as far as possible in the selection of the burner, which can reduce the heat consumption by 3% to 5% compared with other burners.

2. Reduce heat loss

During the working process of the activated carbon rotary kiln, the heat loss through the cylinder to the air accounts for more than 20% of the total heat. The greater the thermal resistance of the kiln lining, the smaller the heat dissipation loss, so improving the thermal resistance of the kiln lining is an important measure to save energy and reduce consumption in the rotary kiln. Heat dissipation is unavoidable, and installing a heat exchanger outside the cylinder is also an effective measure to reduce energy consumption.

3. Do a good job of preheating

The preheating of the activated carbon rotary kiln will directly affect the performance of the firing capacity. Therefore, the preheater and other equipment are equipped to preheat and decompose the raw meal outside the kiln. The raw meal powder can be directly contacted with the flue gas, and the heat exchange effect is better, which can increase the output and reduce the energy consumption.

4. Improve the operation rate and fast rotation rate

The thermal system of the activated carbon rotary kiln is stabilized, and the operation rate can be improved. Stabilize the composition of the slurry, adapt to the kiln conditions, protect the kiln skin, do not run out of raw meal, do not form large lumps, and reduce or eliminate the kiln mouth ringing can improve the fast rotation rate.

All of the above measures can promote energy saving and consumption reduction.

From the perspective of economic and social benefits, attention should be paid to the energy saving and consumption reduction of activated carbon rotary kilns. The activated carbon rotary kiln produced by AGICO generally has a large space for energy saving and consumption reduction. It is necessary and possible to achieve good energy saving and consumption reduction effect through technological progress. Our company will continue to work hard to develop and produce more energy-saving and efficient rotary kiln equipment. .

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