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Activated carbon or activated charcoal, is an excellent adsorbent processed from charcoal, bamboo charcoal, fruit shell, animal carbon black, and high-quality coal. Activated carbon, is widely used in our daily life, such as the industry of medicine, food, petrochemical, gold refining, water purification, air purification, and so on.

Raw materials of activated carbon

Activated carbon can be made from many types of raw materials, such as wood, coal, coconut shell, bamboo, palm kernel shell, used activated carbon, etc.

With the increment of activated carbon demand, more and more investors want to make money from activated carbon plants, how much does it cost to start an activated carbon business? The activated carbon equipment takes a large part of the activated carbon manufacturing plant cost. As an activated carbon machinery manufacturer, we have built hundreds of activated carbon production lines, based on these projects, today we introduce the main activated carbon machines used in the preparation of activated carbon.

The production of activated carbon has several necessary sections, including preparation grinding, molding, carbonization, activation, finished product grinding, and other processes. Generally, we select activated carbon equipment according to the raw materials and sections of activated carbon plant. We will take the various processes for you to give an example of machinery used in a complete activated carbon production line.

Crushing equipment – Hammer crusher

A hammer crusher is directly crushing carbon powder materials with a particle size of 600-1800 mm to 25 or less than 25 mm. Hammer crusher is suitable for medium and fine crushing of materials with medium hardness in cement, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, and other industrial sectors, such as coke, coal, limestone, slag, activated carbon, and other materials.

hammer crusher

Grinding equipment – Raymond mill

After preparation, raw materials will be sent to the warehouse by belt conveyor and bucket elevator according to certain proportions. In general, the raw materials should be ground into a standard size, so stored raw materials must be processed by grinding mill, then through air separating, into the overhead bunker. In the preparation of raw materials, the main activated carbon equipment is a grinding mill, support equipment include a belt conveyor, bucket elevator, etc. at present, Raymond mill is selected in the raw material preparation by most activated carbon manufacturer.

Compared with other grinding equipment, the Raymond mill used in activated carbon plants has a high screening rate, up to 99%, which is generally not achieved by other milling equipment. It also covers a relatively small area and has strong systematicness. It can form an independent production system from the rough processing of raw materials to transportation to milling and final packaging. And its investment and construction cost are lower than other grinding equipment.

raymond mill
Raymond mill
belt conveyor
bucket elevator

Kneading equipment

For some types of activated carbon, Kneading is a necessary section, for example, coal-based activated carbon production should include moulding section, add tar and water on the basis of coke coal and coke powder, which can enhance the cohesiveness of activated carbon.

A proper amount of mixture is sent to the mixer through the quantitative feeder for full mixing. Mix evenly and knead to form a paste. Then the granulator is used to roll and shape the mold. The formed activated carbon needs to be dried and then transported to the carbonization section by belt. The complete set of production equipment for activated carbon in the forming stage includes: double-cylinder double-column kneader, sealed chain conveyor, and screw feeder.

chain conveyor
screw feeder
screw feeder

Carbonization equipment

The carbonization process is one of the main sections in activated carbon production, The materials obtained from the last section are preheated by a carbonization kiln at the preheating stage, and then enter the carbonization stage to heat at a high temperature of 400 ℃, and then use air to support combustion. It is not necessary to add other materials as fuel, and then enter the cooling stage for cooling. A continuous carbonization kiln is commonly used equipment in this section.

Activation equipment

The qualified activated carbon after the carbonization plant enters the activation kiln through the belt conveyor and bucket elevator. In this process, the activated carbon needs to be preheated, supplemented with carbonization, activated, and then cooled. The main equipment of the whole set of activated carbon production equipment in this section is the activation kiln, and the supporting equipment includes: fan, carbonization furnace tail gas incinerator, carbonization furnace tail gas waste heat boiler, bag filter, silo, belt conveyor, etc.

activated carbon rotary kiln
activation kiln
pulse jet bag filter
bag filter
waste heat boiler

Finished product grinding equipment

The finished product section is mainly to produce activated carbon with different particle sizes according to the application needs. The main machines in this section include: double roller crusher, Raymond mill, vibrating screen, valve mouth packing machine, etc. 500kg/bag and 25kg/bag are usually used for packaging in industrial applications. In addition, in the production process, stone remover and iron remover will also be used for special-purpose products to reduce the ash content of products.

double roller crusher
vibrating screening


The activated carbon equipment we mentioned above takes a part of a whole set of activated carbon equipment, there are other machinery used in activated carbon production, such as washing equipment, screening system, and so on. If you have any questions about activated carbon equipment, or process, Don’t hesitate contact us!

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