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In recent years, given the rapid growth of the electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage system (ESS) markets, considering the market demand, technological advancements, policy support, and risk factors, investing in the cathode active material production line and anode materials production plant has a good prospect.

The cathode material is a layered transition metal oxide, and the cathode is the source of removable lithium ions throughout the battery. Mainstream cathode materials include ternary materials, lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, etc. Ternary materials accounted for about 40%, and lithium iron phosphate accounted for about 41%.

AGICO is dedicated to supplying integrated solutions for cathode active material production and anode material production. Our customized service including equipment supply, process design, technical support, personnel training, and after-sale service. Based on strong production capacity and advanced technology, our roller hearth kiln, rotary furnace, pusher kiln and cathode material production lines have been exported to many countries and regions.

equipment for cathode material production

The equipment used to process cathode material mainly includes measuring and batching equipment, mixing equipment, drying equipment, sintering kiln, crushing and grading equipment, batch equipment, iron removal equipment and packaging metering equipment, of which the roller hearth kiln has the highest value.

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EPC solution for cathode manufacturing plant

In the preparation of cathode active materials for lithium batteries, the common process of cathode materials is high temperature solid phase reaction, even if the sol-gel method, co-precipitation method, hydrothermal method and solvothermal method are used, usually still need to carry out solid phase reaction or solid phase sintering at a higher temperature.

The cathode material production line mainly includes mixing system, sintering system, crushing system, washing system (only high nickel), packaging system, powder conveying system and intelligent control system.

Metering and dosing system

Applications: weighing and measuring of various storage silos, quantitative weighing in the batching process, packaging and measuring of finished materials.

Bin weighing system: Displays the empty weight of the entire bin and the net weight of the material in the bin.

Proportioner scale: the key equipment in the production of battery cathode materials, which requires that each material has an independent quantitative value, and requires that the proportion of material put into it must be correct.

The cathode active material is used as the test and control methods in the process of raw material transportation, storage, batching, mixing, crushing and grinding, dust removal and packaging. The main equipment of weighing and measuring is electronic weighing apparatus.

At present, the silo weighing system, mixer weighing system, batching scale and automatic quantitative scale used in the process are gravity loading weighing devices, their common structure includes feeding device, weighing and measuring, display device, control device and capacity statistics and communication functions. Finally, the central control will connect each part into one, forming a closed-loop automatic control system.

Mixing equipment

Mixing and drying system

When the wet mixing process is used in the production of lithium ion battery cathode materials, drying problems are often encountered, and the drying process and equipment used in the wet mixing process are different. At present, there are mainly two kinds of solvents used in wet mixing process: non-aqueous solvents, that is, organic solvents such as ethanol and acetone; Aqueous solvent. The drying equipment of lithium ion battery positive material wet mixing is mainly: vacuum rotary dryer, vacuum rake dryer, spray dryer, vacuum belt dryer.

In order to improve the rate of high temperature solid reaction and the uniformity of material structure, the uniform mixing of materials is a necessary condition. The mixing of materials is divided into wet mixing and dry mixing, wet mixing mainly includes stirring ball mills and sand mills, and dry mixing mainly includes high-speed mixers, efficient circulation mixers and mechanical fusion machines.

roller hearth kiln

Sintering system

The cathode material production of lithium ion battery usually adopts high temperature solid phase sintering synthesis process, and its core key equipment is sintering kiln. Lithium ion battery cathode material production raw materials are evenly mixed, dried, loaded into the kiln for sintering, and then discharged from the kiln into the crushing and classification process.

For the production of positive electrode materials, technical and economic indicators such as temperature control temperature, temperature uniformity, atmosphere control and uniformity, continuity, capacity, energy consumption and degree of automation of the kiln are crucial. At present, the main sintering equipment used for the production of cathode materials are pusher kiln, roller kiln, rotary kiln and other furnace.

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Crushing and grading system

The semi-finished products obtained through high temperature sintering process generally need to be crushed and graded to reach the product standard. Different cathode materials have different sintering temperatures. Some materials need to be crushed at different levels due to high sintering temperature and serious caking, such as jaw crushing, roll crushing and ultrafine crushing. The main equipment involved are jaw crusher, roll crusher, rotary mill, high-speed mechanical impact mill and air flow mill.

packing equipment

Packing system

In order to prevent external contamination of the materials during storage and turnover, the finished powder shall be bagged, measured and sealed as soon as possible after preparation. In order to protect the outer packaging during turnover, the finished powder shall be packed into barrels or containers, and the information shall be labeled and recorded. The types of measuring equipment used for the packaging of lithium ion battery materials include automatic bag loading equipment, thermal sealing machines, labeling and inkjet printing, automatic palletising machines and wrapping machines.

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benefits from cathode active material investment

As a high-effeciency energy storage device, lithium battery or Li-ion become hot in so many fields, such as consumer electronics, electric vehicles, energy storage systems, aerospace, medical equipment, power tools, etc.

At present, lithium battery has a promissing prospect according to following reasons:

The rapid growth of the electric vehicle market

  • Demand for electric vehicles is growing rapidly around the world, especially driven by policy support and increased environmental awareness.
  • Government subsidies and incentives for electric vehicles.

The development of renewable energy

  • With the popularity of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, the demand for energy storage systems is also increasing.
  • The application of home and commercial energy storage systems will further promote the development of the lithium battery market.

Technological progress

  • The continuous progress of lithium battery technology, such as the improvement of energy density, the reduction of cost and the improvement of charging speed, makes lithium batteries more competitive in more fields.
  • The development of new technologies such as solid-state batteries may further enhance the application potential of lithium batteries.

Continued demand for consumer electronics

The steady growth of the consumer electronics market such as smartphones and laptops continues to drive the demand for high-performance lithium batteries.

In a word, it is a good time to invest cathode active material production plant.

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