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crushing and screening plant

Components: crusher, trommel screen, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, feed bins, etc.

Application: apply for all kinds of carbonized materials, activated materials crushing, screening, impurity removal, to float ash and so on.

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The crushing and screening plant is designed to remove impurities and select qualified sizes and improve the quality of activated carbon, it is generally set after carbonization section or activation section of activated carbon plant.

For raw materials:

Activated carbon raw materials (such as coconut shells, peanut shells) come in different sizes and specifications, which affect carbonization and activation efficiency. The crushing and screening plant is used to break down the entire raw material and separate the finished product from impurities through a trommel screen. The purpose is to improve the indicators of subsequent products.

screening line

For finished products:

The activated carbon crushing and screening equipment is a set of product grading equipment that crushes and grades activated carbon particles based on their size and can be connected to a packaging machine for bagging. It is fully controlled by PRC (Programmable Logic Controller). It can operate unmanned, significantly reducing labor and production costs. Additionally, the equipment has stable quality and requires minimal maintenance.

crushing and screening line

crushing and screening equipment

The crushing and screening plant usually consists of various equipment, such as belt conveyors, bi-directional feed hoppers, trommel screen, crushers, and elevators, which together form the crushing and screening equipment.

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