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activated charcoal manufacturing process

roller crusher

Raw material preparation: common raw materials include wood, coconut shells, sawdust, coal, etc. These raw materials are selected and treated, such as crushing and screening, for subsequent carbonization process.

carbonization furnace

Carbonization process: load the treated raw material into the carbonization furnace. Control the temperature and oxygen supply inside the furnace, which is usually carried out under conditions of high temperature.

Activation kiln

Activation process: the carbonized material is broken and ground to make it easier to activate before entering the activation kiln. Then, the carbonized carbon material is loaded into the activation furnace.

automatic packing machine

Screening and packaging: after activation, activated carbon needs to be washed to remove impurities. Then dried into pellets or blocks, screened to ensure uniform particle size, and then packaged for different uses.

raw material for activated carbon manufacturing plant

Activated carbon can be made of many carbon-based materials, such as wood chips, bamboo, coconut shells, rice husk, sawdust, coal, etc. We can offer activated carbon manufacturing plant solutions based on following materials:

activated carbon solution provider – AGICO CEMENT

AGICO CEMENT is a supplier of activated carbon machines, we supply integrated solutions for activated carbon production, covering equipment supply, technical support, personnel training, and other custom services required by clients. We have 200 sets of advanced casting production equipment and more than 160 highly sophisticated technical personnel. Our activated carbon equipment have been exported to Russia, Morocco, Ireland, Germany, United States, Uzbekistan, Kenya, etc.

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2. Program Design

3. Device Manufacturing

4. installation

5. debugging

6. Technical Training

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8. after-sales service

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