trommel screen

Trommel Screen

Sieve Mesh: 60-200 mesh

Applications: activated carbon. Coal, mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical and other industries.

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Trommel screen or rotary screen, rotary drum screening machine is a screening device that classifies materials based on their particle size. It is also known as a rotary drum screener. Due to its simple process layout, it is widely used in the classification of products in industries such as activated carbon, coal, mining, building materials, transportation, energy, and chemical. It is particularly suitable for heavy soda ash, light soda ash, quartz sand, plastic powder, carbon black, activated carbon, resin powder, various sugar powders, and metallurgical powders.

As an important component of crushing and screening plant in the activated carbon plant, the trommel screen greatly improves the quality of activated carbon. It mainly consists of a motor, reducer, drum device, frame, sealing cover, and inlet/outlet ports. It is commonly used for grading and screening of medium and fine-grained materials.

AGICO can customize various models and specifications of advanced fully automatic rotary drum screens according to the different practical needs of users.

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Application of trommel screen

  • Trommel screen is used in stone yards for grading and separating large and small stones, as well as separating soil and stone powder.
  • Trommel screen is used in sand and gravel yards for separating sand and gravel.
  • Trommel screen is used in the coal industry for separating lump coal and coal powder, as well as coal washing (as a component of coal washing machinery).
  • Trommel screen is used in the chemical and mineral processing industries for grading and separating materials in large and small block forms, as well as separating powdery substances.

why choose AGICO?

We are proffesional activated carbon solution provider, we can supply activated carbon rotary kiln, trommel screen, crusher, bucket elevator, conveyor, dust collector, etc. Based on rich experience and customization service, our products have been exported to many countries and regions, such as Malaysia, India, Canada, Russia, South America, etc.

Stable operation, simple structure, convenient operation, and small investment, suitable for molding various small parts.

High screening efficiency, and the equipment can be equipped with a comb-type cleaning mechanism.

Large screening capacity and easy scale-up.

Low noise and good working environment.

High reliability of the equipment, requiring less initial investment.

The rotary drum screen adopts special screen mesh, which has high screening efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life, and low maintenance.

High degree of automation, can be operated intermittently, and fully automated screening.

Trommel screen cases

Specification of trommel screen

ModelDrum size(mm)Yield(t/h)Motor power(KW)Appearance size(mm)

Working principle of trommel screen

The motor drives the drum shaft to rotate, and the reducer adjusts the rotation speed of the drum. The material enters the drum through the inlet and, under the action of the centrifugal force generated by the rotation, tumbles inside the drum. It passes through the grading screen from top to bottom, gradually separating and screening the materials as the screen sizes vary. The qualified materials with the appropriate particle size fall into their respective funnels and are then removed from the finished product station manually or by forklift. The qualified products are discharged through the lower outlet, while the larger particles and the unqualified products are discharged through another discharge outlet.

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