screening machines for activated carbon

Screening Machine for Activated Carbon

Type: trommel screen, linear vibrating screen, rotary vibrating screen, etc.

Size: customization

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Screening machines are commonly used in activated carbon plants; they remove impurities from activated carbon and screening unqualified activated carbon, guaranteeing uniform specifications of activated carbon after screening. Generally, the screening machine has a fully sealed design to avoid flying carbon powder in the screening process; it is also easy to operate and can be combined with an activated carbon production line for screening.

There are various types of screening machines to be recommended, such as trommel screen, linear vibrating screen, Swing screen, rotary vibrating screen, etc.

Linear Vibrating Screen

TQLZ linear vibrating screen is mainly used for screening and classfying of activated carbon granular materials, widely used in plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, food, carbon, fertilizer and other industries, the linear vibrating screen has characteristics of simple structure, stable operation, low noise, low energy consumption and etc. When the vibrating screen works, the two motors synchronize the reverse rotation to make the shaker produce reverse exciting force, forcing the screen body to drive the screen to do longitudinal motion, so that the material on it is periodically thrown forward a range by the exciting force, so as to complete the material screening operation.

linear vibrating screen
linear vibrating screen working principle

Parameters of linear vibrating screen

ModelScreen frame length(mm)Power(Kw)Weight(Kg)Appearance size(mm)

Trommel screen

The trommel screen, also known as rotary screen or roller screen, is often used for the classification of powdery materials, the screening effect is good, the screen hole is not easy to plug, the operation is stable, the screening cylinder can be closed, easy to close and collect dust, the reliability of the whole machine is high, and the one-time investment is less. Roller screen is suitable for cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal mineral processing and glass ceramics and other production industries;

Parameters of trommel screen

ModelDrum size(mm)Yield(t/h)Motor power(KW)Appearance size(mm)

Self-balancing shake screen

Self-balancing vibrating screen is mainly used for screening separation of large, small and medium-sized particles and slight impurities in activated carbon, using the difference in particle size of materials and impurities, relative movement through the screen surface, through the sieve hole will be greater than or less than the material impurities removed. The machine is widely used in activated carbon, food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical industry, stable operation, low noise, low energy consumption, good effect.

vibrating screen

Parameters of self-balancing shake screen

ModelSieve sizeOutput(t/h)Power(Kw)Weight(Kg)Appearance size(mm)
Preliminary CleaningCleaning

Swing round screen

YS type swinging round screen can process all kinds of materials, suitable for screening of various materials including fine and ultra-fine powder, because its screening accuracy, efficiency and screen life and other indicators are 5-10 times that of conventional rotary vibrating screen, so as to achieve the balance of screening accuracy and screening efficiency; It is especially suitable for screening materials that are difficult to handle and have high yield requirements, so it has a high popularity in the screening equipment application industry today

Parameters of swing round screen

Screening area diameterΦ540Φ730Φ900Φ1100Φ1400Φ1700Φ1886
Sieving area0.22810.41830.63590.94991.53862.26892.7922
Screen specification2—500 mesh
Layer number1-51-51-51-51-51-31-3
PowerVibrating motor0.550.751.
Ordinary motor0.751.

Rotary vibrating screen

XZS rotary vibrating screen is mainly used in activated carbon, mining, port, medicine, chemical and other fields, for the classification of granular materials, for the activated carbon industry, our company has carried out secondary development, so that it is more suitable for the processing of activated carbon, storage, such as the improvement of feed structure, three-layer or multi-layer screen surface design, and can be equipped with different wind separation equipment.

Parameters of rotary vibrating screen

ModelSieve area(cm)Maximum yieldWeight (Kg)PowerAppearance size

Single-silo swing flat screen

FSFJ type single silo flat screen is an efficient screening equipment for checking activated carbon powder before packaging in an activated carbon plant. It can obtain high-quality products by grading and screening various powdered and granular materials. It is widely used in activated carbon plants, flour mills, chemical plants, the pharmaceutical industry, and other fields. The equipment has the characteristics of small power, high yield, good effect, tight sealing, no dust publicity, and so on.

Parameters of single-silo swing flat screen

Main shaft speed(rpm)245245
Turning diameter(mm)45-5050-55
Sifting area(m2)4.58
Appearance size(mm)1500*1500*20001680*1680*2000

Double-silo swing flat screen

FSFJ type double silo flat screen is the machine adopts no vertical shaft self-balancing rotation. It is mainly used for the inspection of charcoal powder, and can also be used for the screening and grading of materials after grinding. At the same time, it is also suitable for screening and grading of powdered materials in rice milling, chemical industry, medicine, plastics, wine making and other industries. The machine structure design is simple and reasonable, beautiful appearance, proper material selection, excellent manufacturing, and the use of reasonable parameters, high (suitable) speed, small turning radius, high screening efficiency; The whole machine covers a small area and working space, convenient installation, use and maintenance.

Parameters of single-silo swing flat screen

Main shaft speed(rpm)245245
Turning diameter(mm)45-5050-55
Sifting area(m2)1119
Appearance size(mm)2200*1450*20002600*1650*2000

High square flat screen

FSFG high square flat screen is an efficient rotary screen equipment that is composed of four or six, eight isolated compartments. It is mainly used for screening and grading of materials after grinding, and can also be used for inspection and screening. It is widely used for powdery materials and grading in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral and other industries.

Parameters of high square flat screen

Main shaft speed(rpm)245
Turning diameter(mm)65
Sifting area(m2)223326.339.552.7
Minimum installation height30003000320032003200
Appearance size(mm)2300*1520*19002300*2300*19002300*1520*22002400*2400*22003100*3100*2200

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Tips: How To Select Screening Machines For Different Shapes of Activated Carbon?

In recent years, activated carbon become a hot-sale product on the market, common shapes of activated carbon, include spherical, columnar, granular and powdered activated carbon. If the activated carbon is screened, it is recommended to select different screening equipment for different shapes of activated carbon to achieve the best screening effect.

Columnar, spherical, granular activated carbon – linear vibrating screen or rotary vibrating screen

Cylindrical, spherical, granular activated carbon is suitable for linear vibrating screen, it can remove the damaged particles in the formed activated carbon, activated carbon dust, etc., to ensure product quality and uniform specifications, while activated carbon linear vibrating screen can also meet the production requirements of activated carbon production line, special customized linear screen output of up to 60t/h, It can connect the grinder, granulator and packaging machine to realize the activated carbon 24 hours pipeline work.

  • The linear vibrating screen is the coarse screen in the fine screen, while the screening accuracy is relatively high, the screening output is also very considerable, up to 20t/h, the linear vibrating screen has an advantage in the processing of granular materials.
  • Compared with the linear vibrating screen, the rotary vibrating screen in the processing of activated carbon particles will be relatively small, but the accuracy is higher, suitable for small particles of activated carbon and the screening situation with lower production requirements (up to 3300kg/h).
Powder activated carbon – swing round screen

Powdered activated carbon is light in weight and fine in powder, and the screening effect is poor with ordinary vibrating screen equipment.

swing round screen equipped with an ultrasonic system can produce 36,000 times/min of high-frequency vibration, can make activated carbon powder quickly through the network, and non-static non-adhesion, relative to the ordinary vibrating screen, the output can be increased by 2-5 times. And the fully sealed design and explosion-proof motor, production is safer.

Different from the vibrating screen, the special wind system can spray the activated carbon powder that meets the specifications through the net, with high efficiency and large output (up to 12 tons/hour), the activated carbon powder has a higher mesh rate, and the screening is more fine.

swing round screen

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