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industrial dust collector

Type: pulse jet dust collector or cyclone dust collector

Size: full size or customized

Application: activated carbon plant, cement plant, and other fields.

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The industrial dust collector is a device that separates dust from flue gas. Baghouse dust collector and cyclone dust collector are two common-used industrial duct collectors in the activated carbon plant, cement plant, power plant, and other industries.

As an activated carbon machine manufacturer, we can supply all necessary equipment used in the activated carbon production line. The industrial dust collector is generally used in crushing, screening, carbonization, and activation sections.

Pulse jet dust collector

Pulse jet dust collectors, or baghouse dust collectors, are industrial dust collectors applied to our activated carbon plant. The pulse dust collector consists of three sections: an upper box, a middle box, and a lower box. An external electromagnetic pulse valve is employed for ash cleaning through backblowing. The collector features a centrifugal tangential air inlet and a flat bottom rotary scraper ash discharge mechanism. With its compact structure and low equipment resistance, it effectively handles large volumes of air, ensuring efficient ash cleaning.

Pulse dust collector finds widespread applications in various industries, including grain and oil processing, feed processing, building materials, chemical industry, machinery casting, and mining. It serves as an excellent equipment for industrial dust collection system, as well as dust cleaning and recovery during the production processes of diverse industrial and mining enterprises.

pulse-jet dust filter

Cyclone dust collector

The cyclone dust collector has extensive application in a variety of activated carbon plants, where it efficiently eliminates dust generated during the crushing and screening of activated carbon. It is often utilized in conjunction with a pulse dust collector, significantly reducing the secondary processing load of the latter.

Our cyclone dust collector boasts several key features: minimal consumable usage, high air volume capacity, simple structure, low resistance, superior efficiency, small footprint, easy maintenance, simple installation, rapid outcomes, and low energy consumption.

It excels in capturing dust particles with substantial specific gravity and larger particle sizes. The cyclone dust collector is not constrained by the initial dust concentration at the inlet; based on the concentration levels, it can perform as primary dust removal or unipolar dust removal by adjusting the thickness of the dust particle layer. Moreover, it is capable of capturing dust in corrosive and high-temperature gases.

cyclone dust collector for activated carbon plant
  • The dust removal efficiency of the bag-type dust collector can reach 99.9% or higher, with dust emissions controlled below 30mg/Nm3.
  • It can handle high-concentration dust of up to 100g/Nm3.
  • Advanced sealing measures result in a leakage rate of less than 2%.
  • Innovative structural design provides a large filtration area per unit volume, resulting in a compact equipment size.
  • The unique and effective ash cleaning method extends the lifespan of the filter bags.
  • Critical components are of high quality, ensuring a long service life.
  • The performance is stable, with a high degree of automation, and requires simple daily maintenance and management.

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Except for the dust collector, we can also provide rotary kilns for activated carbon, trommel screens, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, roller crushers, linear vibrating screens, and other activated carbon machines for activated carbon production lines.

  • Rotary kilns for carbonization, activation, and reactivation;
  • Crushing equipment: jaw crusher, roller crusher, etc;
  • Screening equipment: rotary drum screener, linear vibrating screener, etc;
  • Dust removal equipment: baghouse dust collector, spray tower, cyclone dust collector, esp dust collector;
  • Conveying equipment: belt conveyor, bucket elevator, etc.
  • Packing machines: various sizes of packing machines are available.
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