rotary dryer
rotary dryer for activated carbon

dryer for activated carbon

Output: 0.5-100t/h

Application: activated carbon plant

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Our rotary dryer for activated carbon mainly uses the waste heat of the carbonization furnace and activation furnace to dry materials. The rotary dryer is divided into external and internal heating types, consisting of a cylinder, reducer, gear, small gear, motor, supporting roller, blocking roller, front roller ring, rear roller ring, discharge part, feeding chute, hot air duct, furnace body, etc.

Our rotary dryer has the advantages of advanced structure design, beautiful appearance, reasonable internal structure, high degree of automation, and convenient operation and maintenance.

dryer for activated carbon

A rotary dryer is a device specifically used for drying activated carbon, activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal, which is a black powder or granular amorphous carbon. Activated carbon has a low stacking density, large specific surface area, good adsorption, and chemical stability, and is widely used in industries such as petrochemical, power, environmental protection, chemistry, and urban sewage treatment.

In the activated carbon plant, a rotary dryer is one of the most important equipment, which directly affects the quality and production efficiency of activated carbon. Our rotary dryer uses high-temperature hot air to dry the activated carbon, thereby removing moisture and improving the quality of the activated carbon.

Advantages of activated carbon dryer

  • The PLC control system can automatically complete the drying process throughout the entire process, saving labor.
  • Adopting forced feeding to ensure high production capacity of the equipment.
  • The dryer adopts a new type of support G device, greatly reducing wear and power loss.
  • Adopting open gear transmission, it has the characteristics of reasonable structure, easy operation, long service life, high efficiency, and convenient maintenance.
  • Standard cyclone dust removal, purifying environmental dust.

Working principle of activated carbon dryer

The drying principle is to use high-temperature hot air to dry raw materials, which has the advantages of high efficiency, energy conservation, and environmental protection. By reasonably controlling the hot air flow and temperature, the rapid drying of activated carbon is achieved without causing environmental pollution. The activated carbon dryer has good sealing and stability, ensuring that the hot air can fully cover the surface and achieve uniform drying.

The selection of dryer should be based on specific production needs and activated carbon quality requirements, and attention should be paid to the structural design and operation maintenance of the equipment to ensure the stable operation and long-term use of the dryer.

working principle for rotary dryer

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