crushing machines

Crusher Machine

Type: roller crusher, knife crusher, etc.

Finished size: 1-8mm

Application: activated carbon, bauxite, limestone, granite, raw coal, and other materials.

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A crusher machine or crushing equipment is an essential auxiliary equipment in the production process of activated carbon, crusher will crush large particles of activated carbon into 1–8 mm small particles of equipment. The use of a double roller structure, large output, and good pass, to avoid excessive crushing, and the crushing roller is widely used.

The selection of activated carbon crushing equipment affects the operation of the activated carbon plant, it plays a key role in improving the quality of activated carbon, so the user must choose equipment with strong pertinence and good crushing effect.

AGICO offers crushing machines including double roller crusher, single roller crusher, knife crusher, and etc.

Double roller crusher

FMFQ (s) type double roller crusher is widely used in large and medium-sized activated carbon factories with high output equipment, and can also be used for corn, sorghum, spicy Pepper, brewing, feed industry material grinding.

  • compact structure, novel design, flexible and reliable operation, high production efficiency.
  • using cast iron base, manganese steel plate machine body structure, smooth operation.
  • synchronous belt drive, eccentric tightening mode, reasonable structure, long service life.
  • the feeding system motor is driven separately, the control is flexible, to ensure that the first feed after grinding
  • the roller bearing adopts hydraulic disassembly, without manual hammering, to ensure the fine match between the roller and the bearing
roller crusher
double roller crusher drawing

Parameters of double roller crusher

Grinding roller spec (mm)Φ250-500Φ250-600Φ250-800Φ250-1000
Scope of use (mm)Φ250 ~ 500
Quick roll Speed (mm)550
Installation modeHorizontal
Pressure (Mpa)0.4-0.6
Air consumption (m3/h)0.06-0.08
Feeding methodDouble rollers
Roller speed ratio2:5:12:11:5:11:25:1
Motor power (Kw)5.5-155.5-18.57.5-2211-22
Weight (Kg)2400270029003100
Outline size (mm)1400*1410*18501500*1410*18501700*1410*18501900*1410*1850

Single roll crusher

6F type single roll crusher is mainly used for the crushing of activated carbon, the unit is one of the main equipment for the crushing of activated carbon particle size, with simple operation, high degree of automation, precise crushing particle size and other characteristics.

Parameters of single roller crusher

ModelDiameter of grinding roller(mm)Power(Kw)Weight(t)Outline size(mm)

Knife crusher

PC series knife crusher is mainly used for strong crushing of materials, mainly used for activated carbon, grain, wood factory, to break materials with high toughness and strength.

  1. All the blades are made of imported alloy steel material, long service life.
  2. Suitable for all kinds of activated carbon, fruit shells, wood, plastic, metal recycling and crushing;
  3. Separate design, easy to repair and clean;
  4. The motor is equipped with an overload protection device and power supply chain protection system for safe operation;
  5. Compact and durable structure, beautiful design, soundproof material, low noise.

Parameters of knife crusher

Size of crushing room(mm)250/200300/200400/260500/350600/400800/5001000/600
Speed of rotary blade(r/min)700650520520580500500
Diameter of rotary blade(mm)Φ200Φ320Φ320Φ400Φ500Φ600Φ560
Crush ability(Kg/h)50-110200-250300-450350-450350-480400-500600-800
Power of motor45.57.57.51111-2228
Quantity of fixed blade24466810
Quantity of moving blade391215182430

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