rotary cooler

Cooler for activated carbon

Application: carbonization plant & activation plant

Highlights: large heat transfer area, good effect, smooth transmission, no vibration, compact structure, saving time and effort.

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A cooler or cooling machine for activated carbon is mainly used in the carbonization process or activation process of activated carbon plants. It can quickly reduce high-temperature materials(carbonization materials or activated materials) above 1000℃ to below 70℃, and directly enter the packaging or storage link.

Advantages of activated carbon cooler

  • Large heat transfer area and good effect of the cooler, it adopt the main bearing after the roller ring, the support wheel structure, the structure is simple and horizontal installation. The high-temperature materials above 1000℃ can be quickly reduced to below 70℃;
  • Each heat exchange tube of cooling equipment is welded with 2 spiral blades, low speed, and the whole machine has a small long life;
  • Internal heat exchange tube is the whole seamless steel pipe, there is no hidden danger of water leakage.
  • Smooth transmission, small power, no vibration, compact structure, small size, small wear, long service life;
  • The use of inverter speed regulation, overload, over and under voltage protection devices. It has the function of overtemperature shutdown, water shortage and not starting, to ensure the long-term safe and stable operation of the cooling machine.
cooler for activated carbon

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