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carbonization furnace

Carbonization Furnace

Capacity: 5-30t/h

Working method: 24 hours of continuous carbonization

Applicable materials: wood, biomass materials, fruit shells, fruit pit, coal and other carbon-based materials.

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Continuous carbonization furnaces can be used for biomass carbonization and also for activated carbon plant. They are suitable for carbonization operations with various biomass feedstocks. Continuous carbonization furnaces can either directly feed the raw materials into the furnace for carbonization or transport them using a conveyor belt for the carbonization process.

carbonization flow

How to choose a suitable carbonization furnace? Typically, large-scale continuous carbonization furnaces can produce 10-30 tons of charcoal per hour, while medium-sized carbonization furnaces can produce 5-20 tons of charcoal per hour. The production capacity can be determined according to the user’s needs. The specifications of continuous carbonization furnaces are determined based on the type of carbonization feedstock, so users can choose the appropriate product specifications based on the characteristics of their production materials.

Structure of carbonization

  • A: Drum body
  • B: Hopper and screw conveyor
  • C: Feeding and discharging sealing device
  • D: Motor, reducer
  • E: Roller
  • F: Combustion engine port
  • G: Explosion-proof port
  • H: Flamethrower port
  • I: Flue gas pipeline
  • J: Gear ring, Aperture
  • K: Flue gas combustion chamber
Applications of carbonization furnace

Continuous carbonization furnaces are suitable for various biomass materials such as coconut shell, straw, branches, sawdust, rice husks, wood chips, and more. In practical production, continuous carbonization furnaces can also be used for the drying of wood, maintaining a moisture content of around 15%. Due to the simple structure and convenient operation of continuous carbonization furnaces, as well as the lack of any auxiliary facilities required, they are widely used for the drying of biomass fuels and can also produce activated carbon.

finished product of carbonization furnace

Coconut Shell Charcoal
straw charcoal
rice husk charcoal
Sawdust Charcoal
Sewage Sludge charcoal
Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal
Wood Charcoal
Bamboo Charcoal

Specification of carbonization furnace

ModelsSpecificationPowerOutput(t/d)Outline size(mm)
Rotary carbonization furnace (external heat type)Φ1.5m×12m18.54-615000*1500*4000
Models Output (kg/h)PowerDrive typeOverall dimensions(L×W×H)
AGCA0.6300-5005.5frequency control system10*1.1*1.2

Working principle of carbonization furnace

  1. Raw Material Preparation: Crush various agricultural waste materials such as wood chips, corn cobs, and sugarcane bagasse, keeping them within a range of 30-50 mm.
  2. Carbonization Equipment Preparation: Soak the crushed raw materials in water, then load them into a specially designed carbonization furnace and carry out carbonization at high temperatures inside the furnace.
  3. Raw Material Treatment: During carbonization inside the furnace, try to remove as much moisture from the raw materials as possible to ensure smooth entry into the carbonization furnace.
  4. Heating and Temperature Rise: After placing the prepared materials into the carbonization furnace, maintain a certain heating time to ensure thorough heating. Typically, the materials can complete carbonization between 60-70°C.
  5. Charcoal Extraction: After removing the materials from the carbonization furnace, immediately open the furnace door and use a wooden stick to tap the door to allow for ventilation and the discharge of materials. During this process, take precautions to prevent material blockages that could affect the charcoal extraction process.

carbonization furnace manufacturer – AGICO ROTARY KILN

AGICO offers carbonization furnaces and related biomass carbonization solutions with customization services; all configurations can be designed according to your real working conditions. We have strong production capabilities and a professional engineering team to support high-quality carbonization furnace design and manufacture.

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advantages of carbonization furnace

Our carbonization furnace possesses the following advantages in the carbonization production process:

  • Environmental Friendliness: By recycling and purifying combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, and oxygen, harmful emissions during the carbonization process are reduced, leading to a decrease in environmental pollution. This contributes to the protection of the surrounding ecosystem and air quality.
  • Energy Self-Sufficiency: Through the cyclic combustion of combustible gases, your charcoal furnace can generate the required thermal energy, reducing dependence on external energy sources and enhancing the economic efficiency of the carbonization process.
  • Continuity: With the adoption of this advanced technology, the charcoal furnace can achieve higher levels of continuity, reducing downtime and maintenance periods, thereby improving production efficiency.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By fully utilizing agricultural and forestry residues as raw materials and supplying its own energy needs, the furnace can lower production costs, enhancing its cost-effectiveness.
  • Resource Utilization: The transformation of agricultural and forestry residues into charcoal products results in efficient resource utilization, minimizing waste generation and providing valuable products for production.
  • High automation: This equipment incorporates an intelligent control system, saving labor and advancing towards high efficiency, automation, and intelligence.
  • Utilization of renewable energy: During the carbonization process, it can automatically collect tar, wood vinegar liquid, and combustible gases, enabling the efficient utilization of renewable energy.

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