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automatic packing machine

Automatic Packing Machine

Weighing range:5kg~50kg;

Output:180~300 bag/h;



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Automatic packing machine or auto packaging machine is mainly used in food, medicine, chemical industry, and other industries and plant seed material automatic packaging. The material can be granule, tablet, liquid, powder, paste, and other forms. The automatic packaging machine has automatic metering, filling, bag making, sealing, cutting, conveying, printing production batch numbers, adding easy incision, no material warning, mixing, and other functions.

Advantages of automatic packing machine

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LCS-type automatic packing machine

The LCS small packaging machine (also known as automatic bagging machine, automatic weighing machine, quantitative packaging machine, and computer packaging scale) is a quantitative bagging equipment controlled by a microcomputer that combines mechanical feeding with electronic weighing.

It is a packaging machine designed for granular, flaky, and flowable powder materials, with accurate measurement and intuitive display; simple operation, fast speed, and low noise; strong stability and complete functionality. It is an ideal quantitative packaging machine.

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Parameters of LCS-type automatic packing machine

ModelOutput ( Bag/h ) Power ( Kw )PrecisionRange(Kg )Air supply

Working principle of LCS-type automatic packing machine

  1. When the particle packaging machine enters the automatic operation state, the weighing control system opens the feeding door and starts feeding. The feeding device adopts a fast and slow two-stage feeding method;
  2. When the weight of the material reaches the set value for fast feeding, stop fast feeding and maintain slow feeding.
  3. When the material weight reaches the set value, close the feeding door and complete the dynamic weighing process. At this point, the system detects whether the bag clamping device is in the predetermined state.
  4. After the packaging bag has been clamped, the system sends a control signal to open the unloading door of the weighing hopper, and the material enters the packaging bag.
  5. After the material is discharged, the unloading door of the weighing hopper is automatically closed. Release the bag clamping device after unloading the empty material, and the packaging bag will automatically fall down.
  6. After the packaging bag is dropped, it is sewn and transported to the next workstation. This cycle operates automatically.

automatic tonnage bag scale

Automatic tonnage bag scale, also known as the ton bag packing machine, is suitable for packing bulk materials with large packaging capacity. The packaging adopts step-less speed regulation, and the bag can be automatically removed. It has the functions of weight accumulation display, automatic peeling, automatic zero correction, automatic drop correction, and so on.

DT type automatic weighing machine is suitable for activated carbon plant, feed processing plant, mining, chemical industry, medical field of material weighing, for the larger tonnage requirements of particles, block materials weighing, packaging.

packing  machine


  • Automatic completion of material packaging control function;
  • It can store the cumulative total production and total number of packages for twenty formulas;
  • Adopting gravity type large and small dual feeding method to improve working accuracy and speed;
  • Automatic peeling cycle function, recording function, keyboard encryption function, data encryption function;
  • Belt conveyor, automatic sewing package;
  • Equipped with standard RS232 and RS485 interfaces, it can connect to computers and micro printers. The instrument and computer can be connected to print production data statistical reports.

Parameter of DT-type automatic packing machine

Output ( Bag/h )±0.2%FS
Weighing range(kg/bag)500~1000
Power Supply200~2000 (Adjustable )
Air supply(Mpa )0.4-0.6
Air consumption volume ( m/h )0.5

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