palm kernel shell activated carbon making

capacity: 3-30T( or customized)

Particle size: customized

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The palm kernel shell is a residuum of palm, in the palm oil extracting process, firstly, remove the stone from the pulp, and then peel off the shell of the core. The part that is peeled off is the palm shell.

The mainstream application of palm shell is used as fuel, The calorific value of high-quality palm shell can reach 4600 kcal, the ash content is less than 3, and the moisture content is less than 15. It is an efficient way to make biomass fuel from palm kernel shell; in addition, palm shell can also be used to produce activated carbon and decompose to produce ethanol.

palm kernel shell activated carbon

Palm kernel shell activated carbon is a kind of activated carbon made of high-quality palm kernel shell as raw material and refined by carbonization, activation, overheating, steam emulsification and other processes. Utilizing the natural structure of raw materials, palm kernel shell activated carbon with well-developed micropores and high specific surface area can be prepared, which has higher mechanical strength than coal-based activated carbon.

Palm kernel shell activated carbon uses

Palm kernel shell activated carbon has more functions: decolorization, purification, impurity removal, deodorization, odor removal, carrier, purification, and recycling, etc. it is widely applied in water plants, sewage treatment plants, food factories, beverage factories, power plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical factory, and other industries.

How to make activated carbon from palm kernel shell?

As we all know, turning palm kernel shells into activated carbon required a complete production line, or we called activated carbon plant, activated carbon factory, activated carbon solution. Generally, palm kernel shells must be treated by these steps, including raw material crushing, carbonization process, activation process, screening process, cooling process, and finished product treatment (washing process, cutting process, packing process,etc.)

Palm kernel shell activated carbon manufacturing process

The carbonized materials shall be broken and screened according to the particle size required by the customer, and qualified carbon particles shall be selected as the activation raw materials. When the temperature of the activation kiln reaches 900-1000 ℃, the qualified carbonized materials shall be sent to the activation kiln by conveyor, and the superheated steam at 300-400 ℃ shall be sent as the activation medium. During the rotation of the furnace body, the superheated steam continuously contacts with the carbon particles, and the activation is realized through a series of activation reactions. The air is sucked in by the blower to meet the combustion demand, maintain the furnace temperature, and make the activation reaction continue. The activated carbon directly enters the cooling system for cooling – output – collection – sale. There is no pollution problem in the production process.

Activated carbon equipment

  • The activated carbon production line designed and manufactured by AGICO is equipped with a carbonization kiln and an activation kiln as standard.
  • The activated carbon production line is characterized by high automation, balanced temperature, good heat preservation effect, and random control of steam volume.
  • If the specifications of raw materials do not meet the requirements of carbonization activation, a pulverizer shall be equipped.
  • The subsequent finished activated carbon needs to be equipped with a crushing and screening system to obtain standard materials.
  • The carbonization furnace and gasifier used in the production line are heated by high-temperature physical method. The furnace body can operate continuously for 24 hours, and the furnace body rotates at a uniform speed to ensure uniform heating of materials.
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Applicable materials

The most suitable raw materials for activated carbon include coconut shell, palm shell, apricot shell, peach shell, walnut shell, bamboo chips, hard miscellaneous wood, etc. The common characteristics of these materials are high hardness and high lignin content; carbonize the raw materials first, in this way, there is a carbonized material, which is further processed into activated carbon with an activation furnace.

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