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What is sugarcane bagasse? Sugarcane bagasse is fibrous residue of sugarcane after sugarcane juice is extracted. As the primary by-product of sugar refinery, sugarcane bagasse is coarse and hard, accounting for 24%~27% of sugarcane (moisture content is about 50%). Every ton of sugar produced will produce 2-3 tons of sugarcane bagasse.

How to take advantage of sugarcane bagasse? This is one of the important problems for sugar refineries. However, what’s the use of sugarcane bagasse? Sugarcane bagasse has many functions. In addition to being known as feed, sugarcane bagasse can be used for making biofuel from sugarcane bagasse, activated carbon plant, and sugarcane bagasse paper pulp making. Sugarcane bagasse is a good carbonization material.

make activated carbon from bagasse
make pellet from bagasse
make pulp from bagasse
Application of sugarcane bagasse activated carbon

The main components of sugarcane bagasse are cellulose and lignin. Due to its naturally loose and porous structure, sugarcane bagasse is a good raw material for preparing biomass activated carbon. The existing activated carbon raw materials include coal-based materials, wood-based materials, fruit shells, and coconut shells, and bagasse belongs to wood-based materials.

Activated carbon prepared from bagasse can effectively remove most organic matter in wastewater and waste gas, and is widely used in sewage treatment, waste gas recovery, air purification, recovery of rare metals and solvents, and other fields.

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process of making activated carbon from bagasse

What is the specific process of making activated carbon from bagasse? We can simply divide all process flow into six steps: pretreat- dry -carbonization – activation – deep process – package. There is probably other sections according to the needs of different clients.

When we make activated carbon from bagasse, firstly, the bagasse should be crushed into a size of no more than 2 cm.

Step1: Pre-treat bagasse

When we make activated carbon from bagasse, firstly, the bagasse should be crushed into a size of no more than 2 cm.

Step2: Dry

The pressed sugarcane cannot directly enter the carbonization furnace due to its high moisture content. The bagasse needs to be dried, and the moisture content of the dried bagasse should not exceed 15%.

continuous carbonization kiln
Step3: Carbonization

Then carbonized materials enter the continuous carbonization kiln for carbonization. Bagasse enters the carbonization kiln for about half an hour to complete the carbonization process, and then the carbon is produced through the automatic carbonization device. During the process of carbonization process, the material is continuously fed into the carbonization kiln at the same time, and the whole carbonization process continues.

activation kiln
Step4: Activation

After carbonization, the bagasse is activated in the carbon activated rotary kiln again, and the surface morphology and pore structure are changed by the activator, and the specific surface area is increased through a part to enhance the adsorption performance of activated carbon. Commonly used activation methods include chemical activation, physical activation and other processes.

Step5: Deep processing

The activated carbon obtained by activation can be made into powdered activated carbon, columnar activated carbon, and granular activated carbon according to requirements.

activated carbon package
Step6: Package

Finally, the finished activated carbon can be packed through the packing line, waiting to be shipped.

Note: According to customer needs, some special-purpose activated carbon needs to go through washing, pickling, and other processes.

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