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Sawdust is a suitable raw materials for activated carbon plant. Activated carbon can be produced using sawdust from coniferous or hardwood trees, or pulverized branches and wood chips. It is even better to use hard shells of nuts like walnuts and coconut shell, as well as large animal bones as raw materials. The raw materials should have a uniform size, with a particle size of below 10 mesh, a moisture content not exceeding 20-30%, and free from impurities, virus decay, and other forms of pollution. They should also be free of oils or contain only minimal amounts of oil.

Using about three tons of waste wood chips can produce one ton of valuable and popular chemical raw material called activated carbon, which is worth over 3,000 yuan. Every year, there are large amounts of tree branches and wood chips that are not being utilized. Sawdust can be turned into wealth, and it can be used to produce activated carbon with different shapes, including powder activated carbon, granular activated carbon, pellet activated carbon, activated carbon block. The fact that activated carbon contains a large number of pores determines its powerful adsorption capacity, which can be used to decolorize and remove invisible substances.

Sawdust activated carbon can be widely used in defense, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, and environmental protection. With the development of agricultural and sideline product processing, the demand for activated carbon is increasing day by day, and it is indispensable in processes such as decolorizing candy, deodorizing oil and fat extraction, gas separation and purification, water purification, gold, and silver recovery, chemical reagent purification, and pharmaceutical production.

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  1. Raw material treatment: The raw materials are cleaned, dried, degreased (with bone boiling to remove fat), and ground to meet the specified requirements.
  2. Carbonization and activation: The prepared raw materials are placed in a carbonization furnace and heated in a sealed environment. The carbonization temperature ranges from 200-300℃ and takes about 4-5 hours, or 300-450℃ for approximately 30-60 minutes.
  3. Recovery of zinc chloride: The activated material contains a significant amount of zinc chloride, which must be recovered and recycled to reduce raw material consumption.
  4. Grinding and packaging: The dried activated carbon is crushed into a fine powder using a mill, with particle size less than 120 mesh. It is then screened using a sieve with a mesh size greater than 120 mesh, and packaged in sealed plastic or moisture-resistant paper bags. The bags are then placed in wooden barrels or boxes and stored in a ventilated, dry area to prevent moisture.

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