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rice husk activated carbon plant

Rice husks are often thrown away as agricultural and forestry waste, and making activated carbon from rice husks is a good way to turn waste into treasure. How to make activated carbon from rice husk?

The production process of rice husk activated carbon is usually divided into the following steps, including raw material treatment, carbonization, activation and subsequent processing, including grinding, packaging, and other stages.

activation process of activated carbon
activation process
crushing and screening equipment

1. Raw material preparation

  • Rice husk collection and screening: Collect fresh, dry and free rice husks to remove impurities and shell residues.
  • Fragmentation and grinding: the rice husk is coarse crushed and ground by crusher machines, to make its particle size more uniform and fine, which is conducive to the follow-up process.

2. Carbonization

  • Drying pretreatment: Rice husk particles are pretreated to remove excess water and are usually dried at low temperatures.
  • carbonization: The pre-treated rice husk particles are put into the carbonization furnace and heated in an anoxic or low-oxygen environment to convert them into carbon, a process called carbonization. It is usually performed at around 600°C to 900°C, depending on the process and equipment.
carbonization furnace
Activation kiln

3. Activation

  • Chemical activation: The carbonized rice husk carbon is in contact with gases or chemicals at high temperatures, such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, ammonia, etc., to activate its surface and increase the pore structure and specific surface area. This process is beneficial to improve the adsorption performance of activated carbon.
  • Physical activation: Carbon is sometimes activated by direct combustion at high temperatures to produce a porous structure.

4. Finished product process

  • Washing and neutralization: The activated activated carbon is washed to remove residual activators and impurities, and acid-base neutralization treatment is carried out.
  • Drying: The washed activated carbon is dried to reduce the moisture content for subsequent packaging and storage.
screening case

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