Bamboo activated charcoal making

EPC project with output of 8-30t/d

capacity: 3-30T( or customized)

Particle size: customized

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Bamboo-based activated carbon is made from bamboo, the shape of bamboo activated charcoal can be divided into powder activated carbon and granular activated carbon.

Bamboo activated carbon has festures of high mechanical strength, developed fine pore structure, fast adsorption speed, high adsorption capacity, easy to regenerate, durability, etc.

Bamboo-based activated carbon has a specific surface area of up to 2000㎡/g, which is easier to absorb toxic and harmful gases, so it is called “black vitamin”. It is widely used in fitness and skin care, home textiles, automotive supplies, handicrafts, decoration materials, bamboo charcoal pottery, bamboo charcoal food, etc.

Preparation of bamboo activated charcoal

  1. Pre-treat: slice and screen moso bamboo, bamboo branches or bamboo product processing waste, and the bamboo chips are screened or formed by activated carbon making machines;
  2. Carbonization: carry out low-temperature dry distillation carbonization of bamboo-based materials in a carbonization furnace; before carbonization process, the bamboo-based materials can be impregnated with a mixed solution of zinc chloride and hydrogen peroxide, or impregnated with a mixed solution of phosphoric acid and hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Activation: under the condition that trace oxygen exists, put the charcoal material after carbonization process into the activation furnace, and activate it with superheated steam at high temperature;
  4. Processing: the finished bamboo-based activated carbon can be obtained by crushing or washing with water, drying, grading and sieving.
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Activated carbon plant for bamboo

We provide activated carbon solutions for bamboo, covering customized design, activated carbon equipment supply, spare parts supply, activated carbon processing technology, and related services.

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Activated carbon machines

  • Carbonization and activation kiln: carbonization furnace, activated rotary kiln;
  • Crushing equipment: double roller crusher, single roller crusher, knife crusher;
  • Conveying equipment: belt conveyor, bucket elevator, Z-type hoist, etc;
  • Screening equipment: trommel screen, linear vibrating screen, rotary vibrating screen, swing round vibrating screen, etc.
  • Dust removal equipment: cyclone dust collector, pulse dust collector;
  • Packing equipment: automatic packing machine, automatic tonnage bag scale;
  • Other equipment: cooler, fan, magnetic separator, gravity grading destonerator, etc.

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AGICO CEMENT is a rotary kiln supplier, we have professional engineering team and own factory, and we can provide EPC solutions for activated carbon plants. With 20+ years of experience in rotary kiln manufacture and strong production capacity, we have established long-term and stable relationships with many famous enterprises and have been well-received and trusted by the customers. Our products also get CE & ISO certifications.

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Our factory can supply equipment for activated carbon production line, including activated carbon rotary kiln, burner, dust collector, preheater, cooler, and etc. According to different requirements of raw materials, we can offer solution for wood-based activated carbon making, coal based activated carbon making, coconut shell activated charcoal making, bagasse activated carbon making, and other carbonizing materials.

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